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Leche bite lip crayon love!! Lipliner help?
Hello I'm obsessed with the bite leche lip crayon. Can anybody recommend a matching lip liner to go with it? Thank you!
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too faced nude lipliner goes great with lighter nudes. I also like nyx peekaboo see post
Looking for a good foundation
Ive been looking for a good foundation for my skin type (sensitive oily skin) and would want to know what others have tried and loved. I recently walked in to my local Sephora and got samples of the Nars and Kat Von D foundation and disliked both of them.I felt like it made my face look too "cakey" and after a few hours it started settling into creases (if that makes any sense).    What are some foundations that you have tried (ppl with oily skin) that have worked for you and you absolutely love? I know powder helps too for my skin type so if you can recommend a powder too that would be great.    Foundations I had in mind are: Tarte, Too faced, and Lancôme
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I keep hearing great things about Lancôme and that's definitely one I will be trying out soon. I've also heard great things about tarte so I'm really hoping that one wor... see post
What eyeshadow colors would look the best on me and what lipsticks would look amazing on me?
I have redish brown hair, bright blue eyes, and the palest skin ever.What eyeshadow colors would look the best on me and what lipsticks would look amazing on me? Thanks so much
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Facial Oil/Serum
Can anyone recommend a good facial oil/serum for combination skin?
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BEAUTY BOSS blondesluv2shop / BEAUTY BOSS BEAUTY BOSS / replied
I've been using the tarte Maracuja oil and I really like it!   I'm not a fan of the Josie Maran argan oil, but other people really love it so you could try that one. ... see post
EXCHANGE/return question
If I decide to exchange a product for a more expensive item, but then decide the more expensive item isn't working... Should I not get refunded for my whole purchase ? I bought an eyelash curler for $13 on Black Friday and decided to exchange for a larger curler that was $21. I had my reciept and did the exchange... Then the same day I went back and wanted to return the bigger curler, but they would only refund me the $9.... I was told because I chose to exchange my first curler and not get a refund, my $13 I originally paid is now gone.... Does this seem right?!! I feel like Sephora took my $13 and I don't even have a curler anymore...
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eyelashes123 / NEWCOMER / replied
I know! I don't understand at all! The new curler I bought has MY $13 and my additional $9.. So why wouldnt I get all that refunded?? Why would they only be able to refu... see post
Dry Scalp
Ok so my mother is looking for something to treat her dry scalp. She colors her hair and is naturally a dry person. However, during the winter her scalp gets very dry. Any suggestions?
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Phyto scalp treatment, it's natural oils. Use 2x a week, and it's left on for at least 20 mins BEFORE washing. Also read the directions on the box (it's different than w... see post
should Men wear Colored Nail polish?
I am a male and I was thinking of getting a Mani and Pedi. my question is if asked if I want Nail polish should I say yes and if yes what color would be ok?
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MalePolish / NEWCOMER / replied
I am a 44 year old man. I started getting Mani/Pedis a couple years ago. After a while I started getting clear polish that turned into clear gel polish and grew till I w... see post
Blush Rush
Hi, I have been using smashbox's Blush rush in gingersnap, I have finally run out of it and now I'm lost as to which shade I should use. I really enjoyed gingersnap and I am sad it no longer exists
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Tarte clay blush
Hi guys! Which color can I choose from Tarte clay blush that will be as close as possible to the blush on the ParkAve Princess Pallet ( not volume II / not Glisten)? Most pinks looks on my face like I've been beaten :-o (I'm read head and very pail) and that one was just perfect. Should I take Dazzled or Flushing Bride? Will be happy for your advice! Tnx, Happy Holydays from Israel :-)
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I own all the tarte blushes and none are a match to that blush. I swatched some here. The park avenue princess palette blush is the third one. Blushing bride ,dazzle... see post
Foundation tone matching
I am a 3.0 in the Bobbi Brown foundation. What color/tone would I be in the NARS Sheer Glow?
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Hey there, I am desperately searching for this lipstick......can anyone help? ick&rlz=1C9BKJA_enCA629CA629&hl=en-US&biw=768&bih= ...
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BEAUTY PRO sharkington / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
It's called "Sin" by MAC.  see post
Want a foundation match for Smashbox CC cream...
Hi, I got a sample of Kat Von D Lock It Foundation this summer and really loved it, it was a bit too dark for me but worked great when I mixed it with my regular foundation (Smashbox CC cream in Fair.)  However I can't remember which shade of Lock It I got as a sample. What would be a comparable colour match for Smashbox CC in Fair? I intend to keep mixing them together, the coverage was fantastic and I got tons of compliments on how great my skin looked. Right now the CC cream is just not giving me enough coverage.
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SCENE QUEEN shotgunmichelle / SCENE QUEEN SCENE QUEEN / replied
Your suggestion of the KVD Lock It Foundation in Light 45 was absolutely spot on, a perfect match for my Smashbox CC in Fair (I also use Bare Minerals in Fairly Light). ... see post
How do I stop concealer from disappearing?
I suffer from extreme under eye, I mean they're bad (not like the people on youtube who "claim to have dark circles, because they dont lol) one eye it almost completely circles the under eye and the other is half way. I have been using MAC concealer in NW20 and NC15 (prolongwear) with LOREAL true match W2 (warm  light ivory) foundation and also using benefits erase paste under but it doesn't help. I can't seem to conceal the dark purple tones. First, I apply the foundation and then erase paste and then NW20 and then NC 15.... If I do seem to "conceal" them a little, when I add the translucent powder (bare minerals from sephora) it's almost like I didn't add anything to my dark circles How can i stop the product from disappearing??    Also if I use yellow concealer (maybelline stick concealer) it helps but then when I add concealer on top it seems to disappear too   HELP!! what is a good concealer that wont disappear and also a good yellow corrector?     
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JayyJayy / NEWCOMER / replied
check out the brand " Dermablend" trust its a good brand and maybe try the la girl pro concealer  see post
why are my points are not being added ??
i bought from the store a couple days ago but my points never came through, the girl at the store even said i gained but why am i not seeing it  
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How do I set my makeup correctly?
How do I set my makeup correctly? I don't like wearing foundation, but I have extreme dark circles, so my regualr routine is prime under my eyes and cheeks, then layer another undereye primer, then apply the NARS concealer. After that I use my ring finger to pat it out, following with a thin layer of the FX face powder. The result up-close gives me a dotty, powderey look (really obvious I'm wearing makeup). How do I make my makeup look more natural up close??
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I have struggled with this problem and I have found a few things that seem to help.    Make sure your face is clean and moisturized before applying makeup, let eye c... see post
Foundation Shade Help - Color IQ 4Y07
Hi, my color IQ is 4Y07. What Becca Ultimate Complexion Creme and Estee Lauder DoubleWear foundation shade matches me? Thank you!
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You can type your ColorIQ into the search bar to find the matches for each ColorIQ. Neither of your foundations came up for 4y07, but the Becca came up with "Buttercup" ... see post
Best Satin/Medium Coverage Foundation for Oily to Combination Skin
I am looking for a foundation for my more oily to combination skin. During the colder months my skin tends to get more dryer, but I am looking for something that is medium coverage, build-able, with a satin finish but is not too dewy. Sorry its a lot of preferences, but I keep looking at reviews for products like MUFE HD, Born This Way, Cover Fx, etc. And I am seeing a lot of mixed reviews. I understand that everyone's skin is different but I wanted to see what the experts might suggest? Thanks!
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Sensitive/combination skin needing a glow again
I'm 19 and I have sensitive/combination skin. I realized my skin has been looking dull because of college stress and I wanted to know what can I use to give my skin a glow again but won't break me out since I have sensitive skin ?
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AbbySee / NEWCOMER / replied
I like the Glamglow mask, and also the facewash. Ole Heinricksen "Three Little Wonders" set may be a good buy for you as it does help with radiance. see post
College student new to make up but afraid to experiment.
I have never worn make up in my entire life before but all my friends started young around sixteen. Now as a college student, I want to be able to look fresh have that everyday look( and not like a high school student) I only use a toner, moisturizer, and BB cream in light beigh. My Asian skin tone is pretty light/ almost pale but my skin type is oily. I have sensitive eyes as well. I just want advice on what oil free make up products I can use with neutral colors for my face, best oil free BB cream ? I do not want false eye lashes since they're very difficult to put on, best mascara? lip gloss, lip stain, or lip pencil? ( i like a pink shade to match my lip color) I love using EOS lip balms btw! However, I am afraid of to eye shadow for my monolids because I'll look like a clown lol! 
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AbbySee / NEWCOMER / replied
I am honestly a fan of tinted moisturizers as opposed to BB creams. I like the Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer. I would buy a drugstore mascara starting out to... see post
Can you get samples of makeup remover wipes?
I am in the market for a good brand of makeup removing wipes. The wipes I use now are all drugstore, and they generally dry my skin. I am starting to run out of that pack, and so I thought i might look into buying a new brand of one. I am very picky about my skincare products, because my skin is very sensitive and is super acne prone. I do not want to dry my skin out, and so I am looking into a good brand. I was wondering if you can get a sample of that product from sephora. I generally try out products at the store itself, but I don't want to take off my masterpiece at the store itself, so I was wondering if they give samples of those.    
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AbbySee / NEWCOMER / replied
Sephora does not give wipe samples; they hardly have them even as Beauty Insider rewards. They do however, have small 'travel' packs with just a few wipes in them for $1... see post
Powder contour not working
Hello! I've recently taken to contouring my nose (or rather trying to) and I am using a powder contour because of my oily nose. I put it in all the assigned places and blend it (keeping in mind these are all the right colors and it's an actual pallet too) with a large, fluffy brush. I like to keep this natural, also. I find that although right after doing it, it looks amazing, like a nose job. But after doing my eyes and lips, which takes less than twenty minutes it begins to fade and look muddy. Is there any reason why this is happening? If so, what should I do, and please don't recommend products because I have literally no budget. Thanks for the help! EDIT: Sorry if my wording is confusing, I was writing this in a hurry! It looks muddy right after blending no matter what I do, and I want it to actually work, so I was wondering what I can do to blend it nicely and make my nose look smaller. Thank you so much!
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AbbySee / NEWCOMER / replied
Miss Pink Angel, I think that you should use a primer and/or a bit of concealer under the powder to hold it in place. Since you are using a powder, you may need somethi... see post
Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick color in Bella?
I'm looking at the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Bella at Macy's, but wanted to buy here.  Do you carry the Bella color?  Thanks!
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AbbySee / NEWCOMER / replied
They carry it, but its on "low stock!" They don't have it in most Sephora stores so you should buy online. see post
seeking a long-term relationship...
... with a foundation. Wise and beautiful BT ladies, I need your recommendations!   I have yet to find my HG foundation, although it's certainly not for lack of trying. I've tried UD Naked (not enough coverage), Guerlain Lingerie De Peau (way too pink, none of the undertones suit me), YSL Fusion Ink (made my skin burn horribly), NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation (made my skin look super dry), MUFE Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation (oxidized way too much), and two MAC foundations (did not suit my combo skin). I'm currently using Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate. The coverage works for me, the undertone is a decent match, but I'm not IN LOVE with it... know what I mean?   I'm going back and forth between trying YSL LE TEINT TOUCHE ÉCLAT Illuminating Foundation and Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24H. My skin is combo; oily is some spots and dry on my forehead. I don't have any major spots to cover, but need something to even out my redness. I like illuminating or dewy finishes the best, and a long wearing formula would be ideal. Does anyone have a review or suggestions that they would be willing to share? Or do you recommend something totally different that I haven't tried? I'm begging!
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I've heard amazing things about Koh Gen Do! Look into that foundation =) I personally use drugstore! see post
Sensitive Eyes
Hi!      I'm looking for an eye shadow, eyeliner, under eye cream and concealer that doesn't make my eyes water. I've tried so many products and I have extremely sensitive eyes. I cant wear shadow at all without my eyes having an instant reaction to watering. I'm 36 and love natural shades.Also, I would love to find an undereye cream that does not crease or make my eyes water!   Thank you in advance!!!
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BEAUTY PRO hopkinss33 / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
My eyes are also quite sensitive and I've had good luck with Tarte's products...they're clay-based as opposed to other bases, and their Tartelette palette has some beaut... see post
Day time skin!
hi,   I am looking for suggestions on a new daytime skin regimen. I am looking for a moisturizer that will sit well under full coverage foundation and an eye cream that will not make my makeup slide off. I have combination skin with slight sensitivity. My concerns are elasticity, fine lines, anti aging. I appreciate any suggestions.     thnx, B
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Can I get my birthday gift without purchasing anything in a Sephora store?
My birthday was a couple days ago, however I don't plan on buying anything from Sephora until sometime around June. I know in order to receive the birthday gift online you have to make a purchase... But do I have to make a purchase at the check out in a Sephora store in order to receive my birthday present?
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ritalori / NEWCOMER / replied
I cant seem to get to my free birthday thing, is it a coupon? the email gave me option to redeem online or in store, I want in store, but it brings me to page but nothin... see post
Nars mauve colored lipstick discontinued
  per beauty consult at Sephora store it was suggested I wear mauve colored lipstick, what do you suggest
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Extremely (and constantly) red nose
Hi all:   I do not suffer from acne, but I have (and have always had) an extremely red nose.  My skin is oily and not red anywhere else - just my nose.  To the point that it is noticeable by others.  It is always red (and, sometimes, it starts....throbbing?).  Green does not cancel it out, foundations/concealers don't stay on.  It's the ONLY reason I wear foundation - because it is such a drastically different color than the rest of my face (olive-toned skin with distinctly yellow undertones).   HELP?!?!
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I agree with the other answer that you should see a doctor, there are various medical issues than can result in a red nose. I also heard that you can get redness in cert... see post