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Ask The Experts
Ok started looking for a highlight pencil for under my probably going with Anastasia Brow Duality, over Benefits High Brow... but as I started looking at the Benefits line, I found it somewhat do people actually buy stay don't stray, as well as erase paste, as well as the eye brightener.....anyways, my question,  which of these Benefits products should I start with? I am looking for a great face moisturizer, primer, brightener and tint, all in one would be FABULOUS! And it doesn't have to be just the Benefits line. And the best eye primer, brightener so that my makeup stays put? Thanx!!!!! MOST appreciated! Also, I am 57, so I would like to keep it age appropriate, Thank You!!!!
I have dry and dehydrated skin from living in the cold winters of Canada and from drinking little water. I've started becoming healthier and began drinking more water, which has made my skin a lot better but it's still red and a bit dry. What are some really good products that will fix this and give me that naturally beautiful skin that all the SA's have? I thought it would be best if I asked here. When I got my last makeover the people helping me, as nice as they were, didn't do too many favors for my skin. Despite using products to stop the dryness my skin was dryer when I walked out than when I walked in. 
Well that was the most depressing hour of my life. I decided to google "beauty over 50" and I just feel like shooting myself lol. Apparently I'm supposed to wear tinted moisturizer (no foundation), 1-2 at most neutral eye shadows (no color under any circumstances) and forget about lipstick with color. Yes maam - keep that whole face as boring as neutral as possible.   You guys have no idea how this does NOT jive with my personality. I've worn makeup my entire life and I cannot tell you how often I've had ppl come up to me if I'm at a makeup counter and ask me for advice because they thought I worked there.    I understand at my ripe old age of 50 I shouldn't be glowing in the dark decked out with sparkles and glitter but my God, I just bought the Marc Jacobs Siren palette and I love it!! But apparently I should gather up all my non neutral makeup and bury it in the backyard.   Say it isn't so. 
My sister needs help balancing her skin out. She has an oily AND dry t-zone because of a minor acne. She has dry skin at the center of her forehead, between the eye brows, on her nose, and her skin. She's on the pill, so I thought that's what's causing her combination t-zone.    She has a hard time sticking to skin routines because she sometimes goes out and doesn't come home, so her basic routine is: Neutrogena makeup remover wipes Clean & Clear Daily Pore Cleanser  Paula's Choice 2% BHA exfoliant Simple Light Moisturizer or Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion Tretinoin (only when she needs it) I don't have a solution for her ):   She also can't wear some liquid foundations because they emphasize dry skin
I need a recommendation for a moisturizer or moisturizer regimen for someone that is acne prone. I have oily skin but with pretty dry patches.
I love Algenist's Genius cream but sadly it's too expensive. Does anyone know of a comparable cream?
Hi everyone! I recently received an email from Sephora that Kat Von D's Rehab Priming Elixir has been discontinued, and I am just heartbroken. I don't think anything else goes with the Lock-It Tattoo Foundation as much as it did. Does anyone know why it went out of stock or if it will ever be back in stock? I'm afraid that I'm just gonna have to suck it up and find a new holy grail primer.   I have oily and acne prone skin. I have tried many primers out there. Benefit's The Porefessional and Too Faced Primed & Poreless- makes ANY makeup melt off of my face and I think it feels like grease. Smashbox More Than Primer Blemish Control feels a little sticky on my skin. Bareminerals Prime Time oil control primer is okay. Make Up For Ever's HD Microperfecting primer is good. But neither of these did what the Rehab Priming Elixir has done for me. Can anyone recommend something similar?
Help! I have a photo shoot taking place in Rarotonga, and i need something that will give the model a nice shimmer   The shoot will take place mostly at the beach (sand and in the water)    I am looking for a product that will give her a nice shimmer to enhance the pics I have seen so many awesome pics with models all shimmered up and tanned, at the same time the model herself is a nice tan color already so something subtle but visible would be great!  The closest i can describe what i am looking for is the look charlize theron had in her Jadore campaign.   What do you suggest?
Can Anyone tell me what is the difference between these Estee Lauder Daywear BB Cream and Estee Lauder Clear Diference BB cream.I know none of these is currently available at Sephora, but if anyone has tried them both or knows the difference?  
Hi,   I feel like I always choose blush colors that are too light (aka Nars Sex Appeal) that just disappear on my skin.   Any recommendations for Auburn hair, Hazel eyes, Yellow/Neutral undertones, Very fair, slightly ruddy???!!!!   THANKS!!!
hi! funny-- though i am turning 17 in less than two months i have not yet begun to wear makeup. i have dark brown hair, eyes and fairly dark coloring (always attempting to tan ). i am looking for a sophisticated, simple, a touch more than natural look (i dont find the purple eyeshadow, pink cheeks and lips attractive) for a makeup design. if you have the time, what do you recommend?  thank you. 
i tend to get a lot of facial sweat when i go out. is there a product that help prevent some of the sweat?
I need help with a color match for kat v d lock it tattoo foundation I am medium complexion with yellow undertones and lightly tan. any suggestions please?
Do you tend to match or contrast the undertones in the various shades you apply to your face? Not relative to skin tone, but relative to one another?   I hadn't thought about it before today but for some reason on my drive to work I started wondering if people tended to, or there were any "rules" (unwritten, of course) regarding coordinating the undertones of eyeshadow, cheek and lip colors.    Do you consciously or unconsciously opt for coordinating or contrasting warm and cool undertoned color products? 
I'm using stila smudge pot for eye liner.  Can I add water to get a thin line if smudge pot seems dry? Thanks
I want to try out the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay- In- Place Foundation and maybe the Nars Sheer Matte Foudation but I don't know what shade I would be.... Here's a list of the shades i'm in in other foundations.. - MAC Pro Longwear: NW20 - Hourglass Immaculate: Shell - Urban Decay Naked Skin: 3.0 - Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet +: #30 - Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour: 1.1 - Smashbox Liquid Halo: #2 - Ole Henriksen CC Creme: Light - Make Up For Ever Duo Mat Powder Foundation: #201
I have green eyes and blonde hair with medium light skin tone.. What eye palette and lipstick would you recommend?
I am looking for a new perfume, most of all one that lasts. I tried Narcisco Rodriquez Her in store and loved it, but now I am unsure, because the online reviews say that the smell doesn't last. Since it is expensive, I would want it to last quite a while.   Do you guys have any recommendations? I currently have Miss Dior Cherie and Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder.
Hi, I love self-tanning my face after cleansing, but never know if I should moisturize my face first, and then apply face self-tanning cream, or apply self-tanning cream, let it set it and then moisturize, or does it not matter? 
I'm completely clueless about Makeup ._. I've been completely natural my whole life, So I do want to start wearing Makeup but I have no idea wear to start :c  
Hi guys! I have a little trouble getting tan during the summer. I am Irish and Italian but it seems that I have more of the Irish skin :-/. I am looking for a good self-tanner that lasts long and doesn't streak. I was researching the Tarte Brazilliance Skin and the Lancome Leg Gel. My legs are my primary focus because I'm assuming I have low levels of melatonin since I tend to have more whiteness and even some white spots after I burn. If any of you have tried either or product, I would appreciate your honest review! Sometimes, you can't always believe the reviews you see for products on websites.   Side note: I have tried St. Tropez in the past and it did not work for me. It comes out very streaky and orange, so I was not impressed. I have also tried the drugstore Jergen's Natural Glow - worst smell ever!!!!   P.S. I would not mind any recommendations on good body exfoliants and lotions to use prior to self-tanning, as it is very helpful and important to avoid streaks. I ran out of the exfoliant I use from LUSH! and am too far to make a casual trip there to buy more. Thanks for any help!
I very recently purchased the Lingerie De Peau foundation and I'm in LOVE. I'm just wondering if it's worth purchasing the BB for my days that I'm rushed and don't want to do the whole moisturzer, concealer, primer thing. Would it be overkill to have both products? I don't want a heavy overly creamy BB though - I like lighter more matte finishes - esp for summer. 
I am curious to know what masks are good to use with my Dr. Dennis Gross facial steamer. I have used the ORIGINS Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask as well as the BOSCIA Luminizing Black Mask. Both work amazing, just wondering what else would work really well.
Is there a product either cream or wipe that will reduce redness immediately after working out? I have very light skin and when I workout I get very red and it can take 30-40 mins post workout to get back to normal. I would love to find a product that would help reduce that time frame to make working out over lunch and prior to work in the morning easier. Would love suggestions. 
This is going to sound stupid, but what is cils? I see it in a lot of mascara product titles.
what is the best primer to reduce foundation breakage and help control oil? i need my foundation to last all day(9 hours) for school with no touchups
Can this be used with my Clarisonic and/or Boscia Konjac Cleansing Sponge? I use my Clarisonic about twice a week and the Boscia Sponge every day. Currently I'm using Clinique's Redness Solutions Cleanser and it works great, but I'm always looking to try something new. I have reactive, redness prone, sensitive fair skin if that helps.