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Can't wait to see what everyone is having fun with this month!!!  It's also the month of my birthday so I"m looking forward to celebrating with other Geminis as well! Here's to a joyful June jubilee..Cheers!
I do have pores but i also do have oily skin and I sweat aswell. I would like to know which would be better or should I get both and put them both or maybe if there is a better one out there for me?\ Suggestions Please & Thankyou!  
I currently wear Bare Minerals Bare skin Foundation in bare sand 12. Wanting to get  GUERLAIN   Lingerie De Peau Invisible Skin Fusion Foundation  , what shade would be closest to bare sand 12?
Hi! I'm looking for a *very* full coverage liquid foundation for my light skin with pink undertones. I have mostly oily skin but with dry patches from acne medication, even with moisturizer. My acne is unfortunately quite bad right now, so a lot of coverage is a must! My skin is a pretty standard "light" -- not pale or porcelain, not light-medium. The pink undertones are pretty strong so a lot of foundation looks yellow on me, even neutral tones.   Estee Lauder Double Wear was pretty good, but I couldn't find a shade match, and boy did I try! Kat von D was too drying and pasty. I use Tarte Amazonian Clay right now, but I'm looking for more coverage. MUFE didn't work out, but I can't remember why...    I'm going to Sephora to look at Dermablend Cover Creme and CoverFX, but I was wondering if anyone had any more ideas, especially for pink-based foundations. Much thanks!
I currently have Makeup Forever in shade N155. I was wanting to try the Sephora 10 hr foundation, but I'm not sure what shade to get. Can someone plese help?
I started using 3 new products for about the past couple days. But last night I went to bed with my eyes red and I thought that was weird. This morning, I woke up with my eyes swollen. I've been using fresh soy cleanser and floral toner then moisturized with clinque dramatically different lotion for the past couple days morning and night. My eyes doesn't hurt or itchy.But I still don't know the cause of my problem. What do I do?   ps. I'm visiting my dad in Seattle right now, so I can't go to the doctors
Hi loves! I very recently start noticing some slight hyper pigmentation above my upper lip. I am thinking it may be due to recent sun exposure. In any event, what are you favorite remedies for this? I am light skinned. Any help is so appreciated!!
Can any one recommend a product that will really dissolve blackheads?  I have heard of this type of product but can not find one that actually states on the package that it does dissolve blackheads! I have tried one recommended cleanser, Boscia Black Cleanser, but it did not get rid of the was very drying as well! I do understand that with any kind of blemish product that there will be some amount of drying. I have tried a few other cleansers and exfoliating products with only a little bit of luck in getting rid of my blackheads...but I really want to get rid of them all!  I have had them most of my life, they are not bad, just enough to be annoying to me!  If any one can recommend a really good product it would really be appreciated!  I even have a Clairsonic but some just won't go away! Thanks every one!
So I'm getting a little self conscious of my teeth right now and would love to whiten them. What's the best product to use? Something that doesn't damage teeth please. 
Hi gorgeous ladies! I read so many good reviews on Estee Lauder's Double Wear Foundation but I have no time to go to the mall anytime soon to do the color match. I was hoping you ladies can help me out here. I am currently using Bobbi Brown's Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation in warm beige 3.5, what is a perfect match for this? Please advise.  Much thanks! <3
What is the best way to apply Anastasia waterproof creme color product (Jet) as a eye liner?
I started using the Anastasia Dip Brow pomade about 3 months ago. It makes my eyebrows look amazing!! Unfortunately I have been loosing a lot of eyebrow hair! My eyebrows were once very thick and now are very sparse and have some empty spots. Every time I wipe off my eyebrow makeup I can see the hairs coming off. I have stopped using it because I might be allergic to something in it. I also tried a powder after, but it was a cheap brand and I had 1-2 hairs falling out but nothing compared to the pomade.   Is there any eyebrow product that you recommend, maybe that has few ingredients? Maybe something for sensitive skin? (not that I have sensitive skin but I'm worried about my brows) I especially need to start coloring in my eyebrows now that they are sparse. Help!!!    
Which color nude lipstick and blush are best for light skinned brown skin?
What are the best summer makeups out there?
I will be around a Sephora this week and would like to request a few samples of daytime moisturizers and a few samples of retinol treatments (one being PTR's Retinol Fusion). I will be short on time so I'd like to have a general list ready to go. I'm looking to purchase these two products within the summer months. Looking for suggestions
If I'm buying a beautyblender, is it even worth buying new brushes for my foundation and blush?
Hi. I am trying to buy a blush ( Sephora Collection - Colorful Blush )  but I dont know which one will fit me. I am mixed. I need help ASAP! Thank you.
If i wear Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk in 4.5 what shade do i need in Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant Light? Thank-You!
Hi, I was wondering what a good gift for a 19 year old girl would be for her birthday. She likes makeup, skin care, and is very tumblr.
Looking for a quick & easy brightening under eye concealer that I can use every day even when I don't wear foundation . . .
It's just so hard for me to find a good concealer to cover dark circle under my eyes. I tried Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer, but it didn't work out well, it made my under eye cakey, and it didn't stay until the end of the day; after few hours, I look like a panda already. But, warm beige is perfect shade for me. Nars don't have any color that fit my skin, so it just look so unnatural.
Hey ladies, recently I was hiking and ran into a small limb that scratched my face pretty badly. It healed up but I am now left with a small red line scar. I have been using sunscreen daily but its not helping much. Are there any products you recommend to make this scar go away faster? Thank you! 
I am a licensed cosmetologist/make-up artist, and enrolled in a beauty boot camp and need to have a very decent kit. What would you recommend for a bit better than just basic kit, and is there any type of professional discount? How do I apply for it?
I have extremely oily skin and pretty bad acne all over my face. I am looking for a full coverage foundation that will also keep my face matte and shine-free all day long. I have found problems with my foundations looking splotchy in spots and not flawless. So I would like something to make my skin look flawless. If you could help me find my perfect foundation that would be great! Thanks! Riley
Hi!   Please recommend a mineralized blush/bronzer that resembles MAC's discontinued So Ceylon (Mineralize Skinfinish).   Thank you!   -Chrissie      
I'm looking for nickle free mascara and eye-shadow that is also for sensitive eyes. I have tried so many products and after a couple hours my eyes are irritated. And also eye moisturizer. Most give me bags under my eyes. It's like in trying to re-hydrate, they cause fluid collection under my eyes, if that makes sense.
Hello lovely Beauty Gurus,   Last year I bought Sephora's Artful Traveler brush roller/holder to use when I started accumulating brushes. Now a year later, I've run out of space in that! So now I'm looking for yet another brush case for storage.   I have brushes of all sizes. Most are Sephora brushes but I do have some Sonia Kashuk, elf, and Estee Lauder brushes. I'm not interested in using jars or putting them out in the open on top of the bathroom counter - there's just something about them all being out in the open in the bathroom all day and night that seems unsanitary to me.    So what are your suggestions for cases that will be large enough to fit what I do have now (maybe 25 brushes) and that can grow with me a little.    I just saw the new Sephora Pro Portfolio and Easel...anyone have thoughts on those? They're pretty affordable and look like they could be the answer I'm looking for.   Thanks so much in advance for all your help - you guys rock!