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Hey everyone! Which is the best/silkiest/most natural/hydrating/dewy/radiant of these foundations? Armani Luminous silk, YSL touche Eclat, dior Capture Totale and Guerlian Lingerie de Peau?
I recently purchased the Diorskin Nude Air foundation and though I love its light texture and matte finish, I'm weary of using makeup with fragrance and a large amount of alcohol (I've read that less than 5% is okay) because I have sensitive (combination) skin and via Paula's choice, I've become a bit of a purist, worrying that makeup with irritant ingredients could be damaging my skin even if I don't feel it. Could you recommend some fragrance-free alternatives that are similar to Diorskin Nude Air Foundation?
Highlighters and contouring are the talk of the season. I wanted to start a thread where everyone can list their skintone and highlighters they own/like for different occasions. It could be a useful resource for anyone looking for highlighters. Are you guys in? I will start.   Skintone: Medium/ Mac NC30ish Highlighter Liquid- Becca Opal (Love it, most used), Benefit high beam (too light, good for fairer skintone) Cream- Benefit Watts Up (Good match, don't use it often) Powder- Kevin aucoin celestial powder in candlelight (Love it, most used)    
I got a sample bottle of this the other day. What is the deal? It seems to do exactly what my actual water does?
My skin type is combination. I'm using Camu Camu Power Cx30 Vitamin C Brightening Moistirizer Peter Thomas Roth for almost 1 week. I love this moisturizer. My skin feels smooth but no greasy after applying this cream. The problem is it makes my face sometimes redden and easily break out ( tiny white head acnes). Do I should stop to use it? Thanks!
Hi everyone! I want to get the Supergoop CC Cream but I'm not sure if I should get Fair to Light or Light to Medium. For a reference I'm Cool Beige in Bobbi Browns Long Wear Foundation. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks! Katie
I was just thinking....what is my favorite brand.  And for me it changes...then I like one brand's makeup and another brand's skincare and so on.  So what is/are your absolute top brand(s)?  By category or overall.  Mine change all of the time.  Today: Makeup: Chanel (some of the best and some of the worst but I always come back to Chanel.  Runner ups Nars (ditto) and Tom Ford (my new flirtation). Skin care: My korean brand obsession (I picked a country not a brand) and Algenist. Scent:  Tokyo Milk.   And you?
I am looking for a lightweight, non oily, long lasting natural foundation. One that doesn't seep into every line on your face with sheer to medium coverage. Suggestions?
Hey Guys!   I love getting this eyebrow pen, but the Medium color seems to out of stock for weeks now. I don't know if the company is changing the design or not. But if it discontinues I'm gonna scream, because this would be the SECOND eyebrow item that will be gone. And I'm not blessed with beautiful brows like some girls are. I've used powders, pomades and pencils.    Does anyone know ANY information on the medium color??   
I'm looking to transition my makeup and skin care collection to a more natural/organic collection so that I can be nicer to my skin.    Anyone have any good recommendations for brands or products? I have several products in my collection already, but I am looking for the works, an entire new collection.    I just want to feel better and safer about the products I'm putting on my face. I'm looking for awesome natural/organic brands. Doesn't necessarily have to be vegan, but I do care immensely about the ingredients.    Side note** I'm very inclined to subscribe to some beauty boxes. I'm looking at Birchbox as well as Goodebox which seems to be more naturally friendly. Recommendations in this area? What subscriptions do you guys have? 
I have alot of acne and spots. I currently own Anastasia contouring kit. How should I apply it on my oily and acne prone skin? because if I apply just the cream contour it doesnt cover my spots. Please help.
I have long, dark hair that is oily at the scalp and dry at the ends.  I need a shampoo that will help control my dandruff and oily scalp, and add moisture or at least add shine to my ends.  Would prefer a shampoo that is free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.   Thank you my lovelies!!
I have short eyelashes. I have tried a lot of mascara to make them "grow" or to make them look "longer." Should I use false eyelashes or keep trying my luck with mascara? How do you apply false eyelashes?
Hey everyone! I've been looking for a foundation - I got matched instore to Nars luminous all day in Mont Blanc (2Y02), but I have fairly dry areas on my normal skin so I wanted a more dewy/satin or glowy foundation. I absolutely don't want matte! My question is, do you think the sheer glow in mont blanc is the same shade as luminous mont blanc? Plus, what is the best/most dewy/radiant/hydrating foundation out there? Thanks! <3 <3 <3
Hi, I have a Shiseido sample that's called "Benefique Emulsion" - there is Emulsion 1 and 2 (2 different sample packets), and I was just wondering what exactly is EMULSION??  Is it Lotion?  Also, Shiseido carries "Softener"s.. Is this the same thing as Toner?  Ty 4 your help!!  :-) :-)
So I have been told by friends that after they wash their face and before they apply moisturizer, they apply a serum to make sure that their face is properly hydrated. I tend to be a bit on the oily side but sometimes can be a bit dry, especially in the winter. I was wondering if anyone had any advice or recommendations on whether I should try and integrate a serum into my daily routine and any brands of serums that are good? I tend to favour natural, paraben free products if possible. I use the clear complexion boscia cleanser and face cream. Thanks!
  This chat is now closed! Thank you for your participation!   Contouring isn’t one-size-fits-all. Two Sephora PRO artists are here to help—exclusively on BeautyTalk! Visit this thread on March 31 from 12pm–1pm PDT to get contouring advice from Sephora PRO artists Karoline Karakeosian and Eliza Davila. Ask them anything about how to wield the power of shadow and light, from how to find your face shape, product recommendations, application tips, and more.   Be sure click "Follow this thread" on the right side of this post to be notified via email when one of your questions is answered.
I'm looking for a product to treat chest and back breakouts. I've tried switching my soaps to Cetaphil gentle bar soap, all natural Tea tree oil bar soap & Neutrogena Body Clear body wash.   I've had some luck with the Tea tree oil soap but nothing that has completely cleared the breakouts. My breakouts are mild and nothing too serious but its frustrating when you want to wear a certain shirt but can't.   I've looked at Peter Thomas Roth buffing beads and Murad Acne body wash but can't decided between the two. How often do I use the product and if I dont use it every day, what product should I use on the other days. I also read about how body puffs harbor bacteria and should not be used.
I have combination skin threw a dry phase . So all my powders look gross and unnatural . I was thinking of switching to liquid or tinted moisturizer but don't know where to start what do you recommend for a natural illuminating glow  for this face of a mess?
I recently purchase kat von d lock it foundation in M54.  It seems to really oxidize on me.  At first it seemed perfect and after a while it's orange.  Should a go a lighter shade? I do not live close to a sephora so i just went with a shade I thought would work based on my current foundation.
Does anyone know when we'll b able to buy it, because it is such a great palette!!
I recently brought Nars St Paul Vance duo eyeshadows and I have been in love with that shadow since and I would love to know what other Nars eyeshadows duos and single eyeshadows is a must have in my makeup collection. ( My skintone is 1y11 Nars Tahoe and I have dark brown eyes) 
I'm having a lot of trouble finding a foundation that doesn't have a dark or orange-pink cast on my skin. For reference, I was recently "matched" at MAC to NC15 in Studio Sculpt though it seems darker and more orange than my natural skin tone. Blended out and covered with translucent powder, it is acceptable, but far from a seamless match. I went to Sephora and sampled several foundations recommended by a cast member. She suggested Nars Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc which looks a bit tan relative to my skin, even blended out. I do own Nars Chantilly concealer and when I arrayed all my concealers and foundations along my arm for swatching, it was the only one that almost blended. (It was faintly darker and pinker than my skin.) I also sampled Urban Decay Naked Skin in 1, which was sheer on me but too dark, almost like a dark orange stain in contrast. I tried two shades of Girgio Armani Luminous Silk. The 4.5 was several shades too dark and very pink-orange looking and the 3.0 was slightly darker and more orange than my skin. I found the 3.0 was very similar in color and value to L'Oreal's True Match W1, which is a color I have worn before (slightly dark on me) but a formula I don't really like for my dry skin.  In general I find foundations/concealers tend to oxidize a bit on me, and I am a little frustrated that sales associates keep recommending shades that are darker than my neck. Is there a reason for this? How much of a shade difference is acceptable? As for undertones, my hair is naturally very dark, my eyes are blue, and I look best in vivid, cool-toned colors. I have blue veins and my skin takes on a slightly gray cast in comparison to the foundations sampled above. But though I am cool-toned in general, my skin has an obvious yellow tint and very little pink or red.  What color range and undertones would you suggest for foundation? Can a foundation really "match" if it has that orange-pink cast I mentioned?
I need a color match for Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation.  I currently wear Estee Lauder Double Wear in Sand.  1w2 is on the bottle.
I am 40 and have dry skin and fine lines/wrinkles. I am looking for a foundation that won't make me look more wrinkly and dry than I already do. Any suggestions for a foundation that will provide coverage without drying out my skin?
I am looking for a new skin care regimen. I have combination skin and my main problem is clogged pores and blackheads all over. I want something that will solves my skin issue but that will not dry me out since i am already dry on the sides of my face while the center is oily. I am looking to find a face wash or cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer. Please help me with recommendations. I have tried everything under the sun, even a dermatologist for years did not help me. 
Hi, I'm having major issues with my under eyes.  I have bags and dry skin under my eyes.  When i apply concealor i have lines that show through my makeup.  I am looking for a eye cream that can help hydrate and decrease puffiness and also and eye concealor that will help for coverage. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
Hi I recently went to a Sephora counter to get color match to the Armani Luminous silk foundation and I was told I was shade # 4 but I feel the foundation is a tad bit light on my skin and I would like to know what color should I choose if I where to purchase online I love the foundation though.  For reference I normally wear a MAC NC25 or NC30 or a Booby Brown Skin Foundation # 3  also i have used YSL eclat luminous foundation in shade #BD40.  I'm a light medium skin with yellow neutral undertones if that helps.  Thank you for any help i can get. 
Yay, Mexico! Boo, oily skin and melting makeup... If you know what I'm talking about please help. I need to find some essentials for my oily skin and large pores on my trip in June so I won't look horrendous in photos or throughout the day.   For sure I'd like suggestions on sunscreen , primer , and foundation or face powder . For sunscreen I was thinking of using the Shiseido Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector Broad Spectrum SPF 42 (Face) since the reviews are pretty good. As for primers + foundation I'm currently using Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer + Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation (Lancome Dual Finish Powder - Extra Coverage) + Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder.   Thanks! <3