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anti shine primer.jpg
Hi I'm new here.  I'm looking to start using a primer but I've never used that before.  My skin is very oily and usually whithin 2-3 hours my foundation stops working.  My face will start getting oily again.  Or are there any other suggestions to help my makeup last longer and face less oily??
i have school pictures coming up and I'm trying to figure out what foundation i should wear. i have extremely oily skin! and I'm debating between the "Nars Matte Foundation" and the "Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation". I love both foundations, but which ones will make my skin look the best?
white matte.jpg
I have three OCC lip tars; Queen, Grandma and Pageant. I don 't wear them much because they look very neon and bright,  but love the colors and would like to wear them more. How can I tone down the brightness/neon-ness? I tried mixing them in store with light tone lip tars like Hush, but they were still bright. Please help!
I didn't take a picture so I can't really show you what I'm talking about unfortunately. I went in for a lesson on how to apply false eyelashes and I felt it went fairly well except for the fact that there was a space between my false eyelashes and real eyelashes. I felt it was noticeable for anyone speaking face to face with me. Can you apply eyelashes so there isn't really a space? Like is it bad to have them sitting on top of your real lashes? I don't really know. My pair is from Make Up For Ever if that helps?
Hello, I Have the Bobby Brown gel eyeliner in black colour. Whenever I am putting it on, I have noticed it becomes dry very quickly even I am applying it ( I do winged eyeliner look and  that takes time)  And sometimes I see black powder like fall out too while applying. My brush goes stiff. What to do??? please help. I try wetting the brush beforehand then wiping on towel paper before starting. I do it repeatedly while applying it on as otherwise its too dry. why doesnt it glide on
big easy.jpg
I currently use Tarte BB Tinted Treatment Primer and I love it. I don't wear much make up, but need sun protection for my lupus. And I like something with a lot of coverage to hide my redness. But I'm finding that in the Georgia humidity, it's getting cakey very quick. I love the light mousse texture for my sensitive, combo skin. Any suggestions for another light BB or CC cream?
My dad's bday is coming up and I'd like to get him some new skincare items. He's in his early 60's, Caucasian, enlarged pores, few eye wrinkles (crow's feet) and that's pretty much it. His skin is in good condition and I want him to keep it that way. For him I want a daytime moisturizer with broad spectrum spf, a cleanser he can use day and night and possibly a night moisturizer. In other words, keep it simple. Also, he does not seem to have sensitive skin and he uses an electric razor so he doesn't need shaving cream.   Any suggestions? (And it doesn't have to be just what Sephora sells). Thanks in advance!!!
This picture is from the Charlotte Tilbury line - can you guys help me recreate this eye look with Sephora products? Thanks. I wonder if the red in the Marc Jacob Siren palette could be used? I have that.  
I am currently struggling with breakouts. I'm 23..never really had a problem with acne except the occasional spot, but now I break out pretty much everywhere. It is not severe acne; I would say moderate. I get a few spots on my cheeks, around my chin, nose, and forehead, and it's just getting annoying. I have tried various brands: Murad, Origins, drugstore brands, First Aid Beauty (which actually broke me out although I really wanted to love it), and my most recent is Kate Somerville's Detox Cleanser. I do like it since it seems to clear up my spots, but it's soooooo drying. My skin has never been so flaky, even when I follow up with a moisturizer always. I use the cleanser only once a day, moisturizer twice a day, Exfolikate about two times a week, and I just can't stand how flaky I get. If I had to describe my skin, I would say that it is acne prone, and more on the dry side rather than oily. I have just recently ordered a Caudalie kit for hydration. Would this be a good option for my skin even though it is not specifically targeted for acne?
I recently bought tarte liquid foundation-tan honey shade. At the store she put a blush on me (I didn't buy it then) copied down the shade and LOST the name. It was tarte and perfect for my skin tone. I have a reddened tone and the foundation was great but the blush that was a non-pink color helped my skin tone also. Any ideas what shade I should buy for the blush and not redden my skin color to help compliment the foundation? thanks!!
I've been applying SPF 30 to my face for years...but I haven't been regularly applying it to my neck. This year, I was out in the sun all day and my arms/shoulders and neck got some color. Now I look like a pale polka dot on top of a tan body when I put my foundation on!   Can you help with some ideas on how to not make this look so different? I wear Cover FX G30 with their anti aging primer and setting powder. It is a perfect match to my facial skin, but looks a little paler than my collarbones and shoulders.    Should I wear some bronzer or use some other kind of contouring makeup? Should I put self tanner on my face? I hesitate to do that because I have rosacea and some dark spots and I don't want that to look worse. Could you recommend some brands or where to place it so it looks natural? Thank you thank you!!
My sister loves this look and I have to re-create it for her for an event on Friday. I've tried it on myself a few times but just can't get that purple right. Any suggestions? Does anybody out there know which purple this is...brand? Thanks in advance!!
Looking for a retinol cream for sensitive skin, that doesn't have tons of other frills.
I got an interview, guys! I'm, as they say, scaroused. I'm so scared to mess up! What do I wear?? Should I put on a bit more makeup to show them I'm a serious addict? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
So I am currently using Epiduo (to get rid of acne as recommended by my doctor) and I want to wear light makeup just to make my face look a little better and not so red. When using Epiduo, you are only supposed to wear non-comedogenic makeup. So I was looking for a BB cream and powder that are non-comedogenic. I found the Aveeno clear complexion BB cream which is non-comedogenic (which I haven't bought yet), so I thought I would try that. But I have yet to find a non-comedogenic powder. Know any good ones? Also if anyone else is using Epiduo, let me know your experience with wearing makeup, I'm a kind of scared because I only wear mascara right now and my skin is so sensitive that it hurts a little to remove it.
So I desperately need either a leave on conditioner treatment, mask or oil for my hair. I get split ends like crazy(i guess it doesn't help that I straighten out my hair often) also maybe if I could know of any hair product that also helps with frizzy and really wavy hair. Thank you I'd really appreciate it! 
I am looking for a good foundation to make my skin look flawless, I was using Covergirl but I want something more medium to full coverage. I'm very pale, you can actually see the veins at the corners of my eyes and mouth. I also have oily, uneven skin, dark puffy circles under my eyes (that are hereditary) and I'm starting to get crow's feet! I've tried Lorac foundation and hated it, it caked really badly. I want a make up that is going to go on smooth and matte and not crease or wear off. I also need advice on a good primer.
For quite a while I've had lines/wrinkles under my eyes and i can't understand why. I'm 18, what would you recommend to get rid of them?
I'm a medium Beige in Bareminerals....what shade would I be in Nars Radient Creamy Concealer???  
Hellooo Beauty Talk!   I recently posted asking for the best all-in-one foundation so I can streamline the routine. I've been using a drugstore set (Maybelline Fit Me) out of habit and want to step up my game. Andy reccomended NARS and I'm pretty jazzed about its great reviews, but I guess I really can't do JUST foundation. Here's the lowdown:   I'm working on clearing up my acne (yay, being responsible and washing my face every day), so I'd like to keep as few products on my face as possible, while still hiding what blemishes I have until I have better skin. BB's and CC's just don't provide heavy enough coverage as much as I like their multitasking abilities. So, based on rudimentary research and what I know, I'd like to streamline the face to a primer and foundation, and powder if I MUST, though I'd like to avoid it. I'm considering using a Smashbox Primer, either the Photo Finish More Than Primer - Blemish Control, or Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer. Do I need to use a salicylic acid moisturizer if I use the Blemish Control primer? Can I use the Color Correcting primer all over or just red spots?   After this, foundation per earlier post.   Finally, I'm guessing powder is completely optional depending on if I like how my foundation finishes. Right?   If anyone is going through something similar, has multitasking product reccomendations, or advice in general, I could really use it!   XO RedFoxHeidi
Currently wear bare minerals matte in golden medium want to try Bobbi browns foundation stick.  The shade "natural" seems closest or shall I go with warm natural or something else?
I kind of have 2 questions - I am using the Fresh Lip Serum every night - am I understanding correctly that you should use a lip balm/conditioner over it?    If so, that's my second question - recommendations. I have used Fresh's Advanced lip conditioner and I do like it but just looking to try something else.   I don't want SPF as I only use this at night, and I don't like pots - I like products in tubes that I can apply directly to my lips. I also don't like anything too wet and gooey. I bought MACs Lip Conditioner and I hate how gooey it is.    Any suggestions besides the Fresh ones? 
I have a light complexion with yellow undertone. I use the Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation in the shade fair-light neutral and Nars moisturizer in the shade  Alaska . My UNDER EYE CIRCLE is really bad... I tried the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard, but it did not really help with my dark circles. That's when I decided to get this corrector. But I am really confused about he shades chooses. Should I get in Light to Medium Bisque or peach or what?
I'm looking for a really good red eyeshadow. I bought Poppy from MUFE, but I think it's too orange. I don't want to buy any Halloween makeup because I really want red in my eye color rotation. Any suggestions?
I keep seeing stuff for your butt area. Not sure if I'm calling it right 'cellulite'? How do you know if you need it? What are products supposably to do? What would you recommend for sensitive skin people?  
Do I need to call or book an appointment to get a tutorial on how to apply fake eyelashes?
What goes on less cakey? Powder/ Mineral foundation or Liquid? i'm struggling so much with liquid foundation because it looks sort of cakey and textured.. How can I fix that?