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Ask The Experts
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My eyelashes don't curl... at all !! Is there a certain mascara I can use? I curl my lashes and they stay for a couple seconds but then go flat again. Help??
will concealing my eyelids and then applying an eyeshadow primer work to keep my eyeshadow on all day?  
Does anybody know a good concealer that covers dark under-eye circles and doesnt crease? I am fair skin toned and currently use cliniques line smoothing concealer, but it still creases under my eyes even when I use a setting powder on top.
I'm looking for a matte lipstick that would flatter my light complexion. I am most comfortable with shades of pink. I want a color that's not too bold, and is more for wearing in the daytime. I've been told that the Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color in True Pink would suit me, but I would like some more ideas. Any suggestions of colors I should wear? Any tips on picking a lip color that suits my skin tone?
I have truly oily skin (like an oil slick within 2 hours after washing my face) & can't use intense cleansers because I also have hormonal skin from breastfeeding.  I've found a skincare routine that's acceptable for the time-being, but cannot settle on a foundation I like.  My MAC foundations have been oxidizing to horrid shades & I cannot for the life of me find a MUFE HD shade that comes close to matching.  I've become so overwhelmed by being unable to be matched in stores that I don't know if I'm even trying good foundations for my skin.  But here's the final catch: I'm allergic to aloe.  So anything by Clinique is completely out of the question & so are several other brands.  I'm hoping someone can help!
Senior portraits are coming up and I don't know what makeup to put on. I never wear makeup except some cover up, so I want a look that isn't too much makeup and has a natural almost bare look, but will look good on camera. Also I have round eyes and an oval shaped head, oh and short wavy hair. Thanks for your advice!
So I've tried so many different products and I haven't found the perfect fit yet...      The clinique dramatically different lotion just seemd to sit on top of my skin and not really moisturize.      The clinique dramatically different gel was nice and light but too light that it disappeared within an hour or two and left my dry again.      The first aid beauty moisturizer that comes in a cyliner pump container was okay, sometimes it burned sometimes it was good but never the perfect moisturization I needed.    The simple rich moisturizer from drugstores (green bottle) didn't seem to work too well either, it was a bit too dense and sat on top of my skin as well and also burned at times.   My skin has been pretty weird lately. Recently it has been more acne-prone, sensitive and dry but usually it's pretty good, no acne and more on the oily side. I've been using my clarisonic mia 2 with the murad clarifying cleanser, sometimes the st. ives apricot scrub (drugstore), sometimes the body shop blue corn face scrub, and the lush mask of magnemity (sorry wrong spelling).   I'm 17 years old Asian girl with yellow undertones. (if this info helps out)   I just want a more balanced face that isn't overly sensitve, dry or dull in appearance. Any suggestions would be wonderful. Thank you so much!   **looking for anything under $70 would be great** Open to trying anything at this point.
I am a 20 year old college student and am going on a semester long study abroad trip to Europe this fall, and would like suggestions for a quick, easy, and long-lasting face makeup routine? Also, I have acne prone and dry skin, so I would need products that cover my blemishes, would not worsen acne, and would moisturize my skin. Thank you! 
Helloo there. I've got some problems with my skin. I've got redness from my nose and down the sides. And some color difference around my mouth. I've tried all sorts of bb-creams and much more. I just can't find anything that fits my skin color. When I cover up my face completely hit feels quite heavy, even though it is bb-creams I use. I want something simple, so I don't need to cover up my face. Hope you can help me, thank you.
I currently wear Bare Minerals original in fairly medium. I want to try Too Faced new foundation powder the one infused with the cocoa powder. I love everything they make with it... Bronzers, eyeshadow palette. Anyway, what color would most match my bare minerals color??
Well that was the most depressing hour of my life. I decided to google "beauty over 50" and I just feel like shooting myself lol. Apparently I'm supposed to wear tinted moisturizer (no foundation), 1-2 at most neutral eye shadows (no color under any circumstances) and forget about lipstick with color. Yes maam - keep that whole face as boring as neutral as possible.   You guys have no idea how this does NOT jive with my personality. I've worn makeup my entire life and I cannot tell you how often I've had ppl come up to me if I'm at a makeup counter and ask me for advice because they thought I worked there.    I understand at my ripe old age of 50 I shouldn't be glowing in the dark decked out with sparkles and glitter but my God, I just bought the Marc Jacobs Siren palette and I love it!! But apparently I should gather up all my non neutral makeup and bury it in the backyard.   Say it isn't so. 
I recently have fallen head over heels for Guerlain and purchased both the Lingerie de Peau foundation and BB (amazing products!).   They are both a titch light for my present summer complexion but just ever so slightly. I've been using BareMinerals Ready Bronzer in Skinny Dip and it is nice but just wondering if there are better/other options. I don't want a glitter bomb face and I am prone to oiliness - OK massive oiliness. Any suggestions? I thought Guerlain was known for their bronzers but I haven't seen overly positive reviews. Thanks. 
I just bought the LAURA MERCIER Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 - Oil Free in nude because that was a choice when I did the color IQ. It looked ok in the store but when I went home to try it on it made me look slightly pale than my neck and chest. This might be an option for winter, but not summer. i also didn't like the white cast it gives off when taking a flash photo. Can anyone help me find the right shade and a foundation with minimal SPF? Thank you!
Ok started looking for a highlight pencil for under my probably going with Anastasia Brow Duality, over Benefits High Brow... but as I started looking at the Benefits line, I found it somewhat do people actually buy stay don't stray, as well as erase paste, as well as the eye brightener.....anyways, my question,  which of these Benefits products should I start with? I am looking for a great face moisturizer, primer, brightener and tint, all in one would be FABULOUS! And it doesn't have to be just the Benefits line. And the best eye primer, brightener so that my makeup stays put? Thanx!!!!! MOST appreciated! Also, I am 57, so I would like to keep it age appropriate, Thank You!!!!
I'm going to Finland in October and right now, my color  IQ is only showing the colors that would look good in during my summer shades.  It says that I should wear Golden Honey because in the summer, Kat Von D Deep 66 kinda matches my skin tone (it's still a little bit dark but is passable).  But when I tried to look up my old MUFE fall/winter color (dark beige), it also gives me golden honey.  I don't think that's right but the next color up is soft tan and I know that would be too light (I don't consider myself tan"). No one is carrying D&G in store for me to try out (no stores that I could find) so what would be my best bet for a fall,matte color?  I want to try to stay with D&G because I'm dying to try their line since I'\ve heard that they are spectacular.
I need some help please! I'm looking for a concealer. I don't live close to any stores so I can't go in for a match but I wear Sephora Collection 8hr mattifying powder in number 40 (hazelnut). Any suggestions for what color/shade I should order. I'm not biased toward any brand in particular. Thanks!
Hi has anyone tried the Too faced BB creme foundation? If so may I ask what skin tone you are and what color you got?
What brands are paraben and phenoxyethanol free? Thanks!
I'm 51 years old w/ a fair/light complextion and dry skin. I want a setting powder that does not turn my sheer to med. foundation coverage completely matte but allows some of the 'dewy' moist look to remain. Which of these powders is best for that OR is there another powder you would recommend?
I bought the Clarisonic plus a few weeks ago, and so far I like it, not so much love yet but its growing on me! Anyways, I recently had an issue where I tried to use my body brush in the shower and it kept stopping within a few seconds after turning on. I hadnt charged it in a while and when I checked the battery light it was on the lowest one and it was flickering, so I shrugged it off blaming it on low battery. However the face brush stayed on, yet I am guessing it doesnt need as much power. Well today I used my Clarisonic Body Brush in the shower again, worked just fine, had like three lights on. When my fiance went to use the body brush later that night it worked for the first three minute cycle, flashing two lights, but then kept turning off mid cycle. This time the brush still had two lights remaining... Obviously not being fully empty. Thoughts as to why this is happening? Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks!
i tend to get a lot of facial sweat when i go out. is there a product that help prevent some of the sweat?
I am always watching Wayne Goss on YouTube and love the idea of using a cream foundation. Any recommendations? I have combination - oily skin and am not very sensitive. 
I love Algenist's Genius cream but sadly it's too expensive. Does anyone know of a comparable cream?
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Hey peeps!  I've noticed quite a few of these posts, and was thinking it might be nice to a have a thread for people to ask other's opinions on how certain features/skin tones look with products we may want to try.'ll end up being just another enabling thread...  
I need a recommendation for a moisturizer or moisturizer regimen for someone that is acne prone. I have oily skin but with pretty dry patches.
I'm using stila smudge pot for eye liner.  Can I add water to get a thin line if smudge pot seems dry? Thanks
Hello- I am interested in trying Too Faced's new Cocoa Powder Foundation.  Since my skin has been analyzed at Sephora as a 2Y05, hopefully you can suggest a great color match for me in this new powder.  Thank you!
So, I have problem skin with acne and redness. Every morning I wash, apply benzoyl peroxide and then lotion.    I've tried a few primers like Prime Time, the Smashbox Photo Finish in light and original, and various samples that I can't remember. Within 2-3 hrs any makeup I use looks like it's melting off.   The only one I've found that keeps my makeup in place is the Smashbox Photo Finish More than Primer - Blemish Control. The problem with this is I hate the initial application of it. My face is already dry from washing and treating it, then this primer takes away any moisture I had from my lotion. I've mixed lotion in with it (as well as Macs Strobe Cream) and that helps some but not enough to give a smooth makeup application (it feels like my brush is dragging against dry skin, especially around pimples.) The only reason I keep using this is because the dryness of it does come in handy by the end of the day.    BUT, I'm hoping there is a better primer out there that can give me a nice moisturizing feel in the mornings while still keeping control of my oil in the afternoons. Any advice?   I use Lancome Teint Idole Ultra foundation. I also use Skindinavia makeup setting spray.
I'm looking for a comparable foundation to replace the discontinued tarte recreate foundation, warm bisque 06. When I heard that it was being discontinued, I purchased several bottles of it and now, sadly, I've reached the end of it. Could you please suggest something similar in texture and color (yellow not pink undertones)? Thank you so much! Patty