YSL TEINT RADIANCE vs make up forever HD foundation

I currenty have MUFE's HD foundation in 153. I have their duo mat which I love because on days I work I have to be up around 545am and work a 13 hour day so its a LONG day for me. I am NOT a morning person and for me to deal with the liquid foundation at 6 AM its just not happening. I recently saw a girl who's make up looked absolutely FLAWLESS and asked what she was wearing and it happend to be YSL's Teint radiance. I was wondering if you could tell me what the difference between the two are in terms of finish (matte, satin, etc..). 

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Hey doll,


Teint Radiance from YSL has a very velvety smooth satin finish. 


Often times when I utilize this foundation no powder is needed. I can imagine how the Sephora gal looked in this foundation because when I see woman wear it there skin looks flawless.


HD liquid has a natural skin like finish and I find if ones skin tends to be oily a touch of powder is necessary to set and ensure durability. 


You can always mattify or make a foundation more matte by applying your Duo Mat on top.


When you utilize a brush the results are much softer, if using a sponge you retain more coverage and a more matte effect.


Hope that helps,


Gilbert S

Sephora PRO

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