Which shade do I order?!

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I am trying to figure out which shade I should order in the Too Faced Amazing Face Foundation Powder. I wear shade 40 in the Dior Skin Forever powder and either Medium plus or Medium Dark in Mac mineralize powder. I have a warm skin tone but can't decide if I should do the perfect nude or the next shade up.


Re: Which shade do I order?!

Hi DeltaGammaGirl,


In my opinion these run a tad bit light. I highly recommend the shade Honey Beige - medium tan. I think it will best match your skin tone. Hope that this helps!


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<3 Melissa

Re: Which shade do I order?!

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I second Melissa's suggestion! I have one and actually went a shade or two UP from what I would normally be :smileyhappy: 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Which shade do I order?!

I am not sure but have you tried findation or temptalia's foundation matrix?  They have some good match ups on there but some of them make zero sense.  I also like to look at swatches in google images to get an idea (sometimes a person will have similar coloring and will be swatching it, this helps a lot).



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