Which naked palette would look best on me?

I dont have a picture to attach but, I have dark hair, dark brown eyes, and really pale skin/cool skin tone.

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Hi Bianca1717,


Since you have cool toned skin, the Naked 3 might not be best for you, as the pink undertones of the palette might be too overwhelming for you already pink skin.  The beset palette would be the original Naked Palette.  It is universally gorgeous on everyone :smileywink:  As always, if you have a store near you, I'd suggest playing with all 3, as it really depends on what you like :smileywink:  Hope that helps!


xo, Mia

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I would go with 3.  I also have dark hair and very fair skin and that is the one is the one I find to be the most flattering.

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I have pale, cool toned skin with dark hair and eyes, too. I really like the third one. The rosy gold colors don't overwhelm my pale skin, and they contrast nicely with my dark hair.

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Hi Bianca1717,


For your skintone, I think that Naked 2 would be the best, it has easy to wear pretty taupe brown shades that I think will look great with your skin tone.

<3 Melissa
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Naked 2. It has the best colors for pale people, imo.

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I also have cool/pale skin and brown hair (although I have blue eyes), and the one that I like the most is Naked3. It really complements the rosy tones in cool toned skin and doesn't overpower as much as the others do (at least for us pale-skinned girls! :smileyhappy: ). I've loved my Naked3 palette and I think you might, too!

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Okay so I actually like my Chocolate bar by Too Faced more than my Nakeds for the fact that it has a bit of everything. It has the perfect matte neutrals for a natural day to day simple look plus a gold, champagne, a gorgeous smoky purple to play with, a sheer baby pink, a couple maroons and both a shimmer matte and a matte highlight! LOVE it. It does not lean too warm or cool as a whole, but does seem more on the warm side. I like that this has more matte shades than the Nakeds, which seem so frosty in comparison!


My take on Naked 2 is that it is great, but I don't find myself reaching for it as often as the Chocolate Bar, but I'm glad to have it in my collection. I do not own Naked 1, but I know I would not like it as much for several facts-
a) the packaging on naked 2 is much more substantial,clean, and sturdy than the fuzzy cardboard on naked 1.
b) It doesn't work as well with my coloring- I have light skin that leans more cool and I have deep brown eyes, a lot like yourself. So, the greys and taupes in Naked 2 pair nicely. Sometimes when I wear warmer gold shadows (found more in Naked 1), it ends up pulling more orange than I like and looks kind of funny. However you may enjoy naked 1 more if you like Gold/warm tones on yourself. It just depends on your preference!


Naked 3 is absolutely fab on me, but it does NOT seem rose gold to me, unlike what it is advertised as! It leans very smoky/plum purple with a couple pinkish colors. I find myself reaching for this more than my naked 2! Naked 2 I like for more smoky eyes. I like naked 3 for regular use. I find the light pinks with soft purple blended in to be more appropriate for day time


Naked basics is great for travel but if you get a big palette like one mentioned above, it's not really necessary

Overall, I'd seriously consider the chocolate bar over a naked. My first high end eyeshadow palette was naked 2 and I was kind of underwhelmed with the looks I could create with it. Same metallic taupe all day err day if you know what I mean lol. But chocolate bar has much more versatility and I wish I would have gotten it first before naked 2!

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