Which is better Clinique dark spot corrector or Murad Age Spot Pigment Lightening?

I have discoloration on my upper lip and a few dark spots on my cheeks plus and overall dullness to my skin which tends to be drier.  I've heard that Murad Age Spot Pigment and Lightening Gel and Clinique Dark Spot Corrector are good, but which would be best for me?  I have fair to medium skin, but tan pretty easliy.  My skin tends to be drier, but not flakey.  I'm 34.  I use a Tinted Moisturizer with SPF for my daily foundation and hope in a Jar to moisturize at night.  I cleanse with Cetaphil. 



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I've used the Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector for acne scars before and it was effective, as well as gentle on my sensitive skin. As prettyinpa stated, give it about a month to see results, and be sure to wear sunscreen all the time, but especially with skin lightening treatments as they make you more sun sensitive and more likely to burn!


I have found the Clinique Dark Spot Corrector to be the best of all the spot lightening treatments. The Murad product only lightened my spots slightly, even after I used the whole bottle. The Clinique Spot Corrector did make the spots go away completely, though you should expect it to take about a month before you see results. Just be sure to use it regularly and use a good high SPF product (SPF 30 or better) as the treatment makes your skin sun sensitive. 


Hope this helps!

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