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What's a good moisturizer that provides SPF protection and corrects skin problems?

Hello all - 


I'm looking for a good moisturizer that provides SPF protection and lightens dark spots/generally evens out skin tone. If it could be oil free, that'd be fantastic as well, but I think most moisturizers that have SPF tend to have some oils or the other in them.


I've been told that BB creams generally offer what I'm looking for. I've only worked with Smashbox's BB cream in Dark, and I didn't like how it matte-fied my skin or had color in it. I touch my face a lot (why I tend to avoid makeup as it is) and I hated having brown fingers! I've been using Specific Skin Care's day moisturizer, but thought I might look to see if there was anything else out there that wasn't as heavy. 

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Hi Serak,

I think I found the perfect product for you! Have you ever tried the Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 20. It's oil free and also helps even your skintone and lighten dark spots.


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I think that you would also benefit from using a CC cream, which will also help with dark spots and even out skintone. The Clinique and Peter Thomas Roth will be good options for you since they come in a wider variety of shades.


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<3 Melissa
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Moisturizer: PTR Retinol Fusion AM with SPF 30 is oil-free

Tinted: AmorePacifc CC cream has SPF 50 and the color doesn't fade on me

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Melissa, I have a question - does this also work for acne scars?  I have a couple samples already of Cliniques Even Better Correcting that I haven't used yet.  My problem is not what I would call "dark spots" but  "pit marks" from late-onset acne on my cheeks.  I know there are many "brightener" products on the market but I don't think this is exactly what I need for my problem.  Also, while I don't have acne anymore, my skin is sensitive.  I am wondering what is best to use for this and I was curious if there is any mosturizer with a built-in primer that would do that trick to smooth out my skin before make up application.  In-store cast members have given me BB creams and regular mosturizers but that is not quite what I want.  Thanks for anyone with suggestions! Smiley Happy


I'm going to go outside the box on my recommendation since it's a product I haven't personally tried. However, I swear by the brand and if you're near a store- see if you can nab a sample.


Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Protective Emulsion SPF 15.


Shiseido's Emulsions (vs creams) are all lightweight and this one has SPF.

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