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What mascara will make my eyelashes look full and long?

What mascara will make my eyelashes look full and long?

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So this is kinda random, but on the note of making lashes longer and fuller...For the past month or so, I've been applying Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula on my lashes morning and night and I swear my lashes are healthier, longer and fuller.  I don't know if I'm imagining things, but it's like the cocoa butter is conditioning my lashes/making them healthier, therefore allowing them to grow!  It's crazy...but it also makes mascara application a whirl and doesn't make mascara rub off or anything!  Just thought I'd share :smileyhappy:

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Thanks for the tip babybear04!
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this is a great tip, will have to try it :smileyhappy: Tnx!
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I'm definitely trying this! Thanks again
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I'm glad to see someone say this because I've been using Palmer's Cocoa Butter Cream on my face day and night for the past 5 days or so and today as I was looking in the mirror I noticed that my lashes seem longer than normal. Since the Cocoa Butter is the only new thing I've been doing I decided to check online to see if anyone else has had this effect on their lashes with it. Turns out it's not in my head. Although, I only began using the Cocoa Butter as a facial moisturizer, and since I moisturize my lids with it as well it's only natural that my lashes become moisturized in the process.
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I also heard Vaseline is really good for your lashes as well to help them grow healthier and stronger!
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