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What mascara will make my eyelashes look full and long?

What mascara will make my eyelashes look full and long?

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So this is kinda random, but on the note of making lashes longer and fuller...For the past month or so, I've been applying Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula on my lashes morning and night and I swear my lashes are healthier, longer and fuller.  I don't know if I'm imagining things, but it's like the cocoa butter is conditioning my lashes/making them healthier, therefore allowing them to grow!  It's crazy...but it also makes mascara application a whirl and doesn't make mascara rub off or anything!  Just thought I'd share :smileyhappy:

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Hi MorganLayne, 


I love Melissa's recommendation of the Outrageous volume mascara, it's one of my favorites! You might also like the Clinique High Impact mascara which also gives great volume and fullness without being too dry or crumbly on the lashes :smileyhappy:


Clinique - High Impact Mascara

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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Hi MorganLayne,


We carry so many great mascaras that lengthen and thicken! I personally suggest the Sephora Collection Outrageous Volume Mascara. It gives you soft lashes and will instantly thicken your lashes and adds lots of length.


SEPHORA COLLECTION - Outrageous Volume Mascara


I also suggest viewing our top mascaras by clicking here:



<3 Melissa
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 I would suggest using Maybeline's One by One. Curl your lashes before using it, and your lashes will look GREAT. I normally layer it with MAC's Opulash in optimum black. It makes your lashes long, but it's a little bit clumpy, so that's why I would suggest One by One with it.

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too faced mascaras are amazing for me 

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Dior show is a favorite in the store for thick volumizing lashes. It does provide some good lenght as well. They say they were inspired backstage by the toothbrushes they would use as mascara wands on models. Pretty interesting, huh?

Dior - Diorshow Mascaraits the gold standard in mascara.


There are many mascaras out there that will give you good lenght due to their fibers. These fibers are different in that they coat the individual lashes. The catch is, you have to use warm water to take them off at night, which can be, in my opinion, time consuming and can pull a bit on the lashes. If you are willing do go though that, my friend loves this fiber mascara a lot and her lashes look phenomenal:

FAIRYDROPS - Scandal Queen Mascara

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