What does "BB" mean? Why are the creams called "BB"? What do the letters stand for?

What do the letters "BB" stand for? Why are the creams called "BB" creams?

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Thanks for the great answer Rileyrace!  @Jliz BB creams are face makeup that contains ingredients to nourish your skin and give the benefits of a primer and makeup.  Coverage can vary, so some will give very light coverage like a tinted moisturizer and others are more comparable to a lightweight foundation.

Well I can answer that! BB stands for beauty balm! Therefore the creams are called 'beauty balm' because they are nourishing like lip balm but they also make your skin beautiful! Hope this helped!!!!

BB cream stands for Beauty Balm, and is a wonderful alternative to foundations and tinted moisturizers! It has several benefits packaged into one product, and feels super luxurious on the skin!  My favorite BB so far is Too Faced's BB in Vanilla Glow (I am fair-skinned with red hair).  It feels so silky on the skin, and doesn't make my skin shiny or oily.  Also didn't cause any breakouts, and helped even out my complexion (even during a breakout when I needed slightly more coverage without the heavy feeling of a foundation).  Easy to blend, and lasts all day!  Hope this helps and best of luck!


Too Faced - Tinted Beauty Balm SPF 20



Jupiter love BB creams! I bought Smashbox, but I really love too faced as I got a sample recently. beauty Balm, and they are very nourishing with anti aging and health stuff for your face, plus they eliminate primer.
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BB originally stood for "Blemish Balm", but companies are shying away from using that as a marketing tool. A lot of companies (and sales associates) are saying it stands for "Beauty Balm".  More sales and less offended customers who do not have ANY blemish problems. 

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