What do I do?

I have natural curl hair and it is CRAZY! I have never found a product that I actually like! I am in my first year of Cosmetology an I love it! My instructor actually told me about this website! I have really dry, frizzy, curly hair. Any suggestions on any sort of products or implements to control my hair. At least a little bit?

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Hi AbigailRose,

Check out the DevaCurl line!  The products are made for curly hair without damaging chemicals to deliver healthy, naturally gorgeous, frizz-free curls.


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Same here. Curly, dry and crazy frizzy. I love the Kerastase Oleo Relax line. Shampoo, masque/conditioner and serum. It's hella expensive but worth every penny. I straighten my hair, but if you prefer to keep yours curly, use to Oleo Curl products instead.

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Maybe aim to get rid of the dryness first. (Granted I'm no expert so..) 

A deep conditioning hair mask like the popular macadamia nut one took out the dryness I would get from time to time and also to my knowledge helps repair damaged hair to an extent.



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