Wedding Day Make-up suggestions?


I'm going through the planning process for my wedding next year. I'm hoping people have suggestions for wedding day make-up! I use make-up regularly, and I'm a 'do it yourself' kinda lady, but I'm hoping to learn more about must have products for a wedding day.  I'm 26, fair-medium complected, medium brown hair, blue eyes. I'm open to suggestions on particular brands, eye, lip, and face make-up, etc!



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Go watch Lisa Eldridge's bridal video on her YouTube channel.  She's a celebrity (Cindy Crawford, Kate Winslet, etc.) makeup artist, so she knows what passes her test for in person appearances as well as for photography.  The video is the one with a plain pink background in the screenshot.  (Easy to find!)

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I can't say I'd give suggestions but I got married outside this last July, did my own make up and it lasted/photographed wonderfully.


Primers: benefit porefessional, Mac prep & prim. Lip, LORAC behind the scenes eyeshadow primer


Face: Mac Matchmaster foundation (great matte finish), nyx loose setting powder, too faced chocolate soleil, and NARS torrid blush


eyes: LORAC pro palette with taupe, espresso, light brown, and black. LORAC front of the line liner, and Lancôme hypnose drama waterproof in black. 


Lips: UD liner in ozone, Mac boy bait lipgloss & kinda sexy lipstick.


I did a smokey eye and a nude lip. I have a light complexion, hazel eyes, dark hair.

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No specific recommendations but definitely try it out, get some photos, and make sure you like the look. You want to look polished, but you still want to look like you and not someone made up into someone else, if that makes sense.


My SIL got married this spring an her friends were all telling her to wear false lashes.  She didn't because it totally wouldn't have been her, and it was the right choice.  She went with a very natural look and it was gorgeous.


My sister (goodness, almost 20 years ago now) had her makeup professionally done.  It was gorgeous, but it was a lot of makeup.  I look at the pictures and she looks great, but she almost doesn't look like my sister, who never really wears makeup at all.  My makeup (which my friend did for me as I didn't wear makeup at all then) was much more understated. 


So definitely try out different products now and see what you like.  And if you really plan to do it yourself, practice, practice, practice.  It's not a matter of knowing how to use products.  It's the fact that the day will be crazy and you'll be stressed about something, have a photographer taking pictures of you, etc.  Make sure deciding how to do your makeup isn't one of the things you're worrying about.

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My make up artist used a color similar to UD toasted (Naked 1, separately) on me and it looked great! I also have medium brown hair, fair-medium complexion, and blue eyes.


My other suggestions...


-matte finish

-setting spray (urban decay, skindanavia, model in a bottle)

-fill in lips with lip liner first and then lipstick, blot, more lipstick (I used a warm pinky rose color, it looked great)

-keep pressed setting powder on hand if you tend to get oily - or those oil wipes/sheets

-false eyelashes!!! an absolute must.

-30% more pigment on your cheeks/eyes than you're used to. The photographers flash will wash you out a little (so will wearing a big white dress!). I was not used to wearing heavy make up so it looked like a lot up super close but it photographed beautifully!

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Thanks for all the advice thus far! To answer lylysa's question in regards to taste, look, etc, I'd love a fresh, natural, sort of 'glowing' make-up look. It would of course need look great in person and in photos (and hopefully last all day). The wedding would be in August if that helps too.


On a day to day basis I usually wear a CC cream that has SPF, blush (medium pink), concealer, eye-lid primer, eye-liner (brown), eye shadow (light to medium brown usually), mascara (black), and a little bare minerals translucent powder. So I'm fairly comfortable using a range of products. Hope this helps with all your suggestions!




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For a "glowing" look, opt to use luminizing products and highlighters rather than all all over dewy or luminous foundation. This will prevent your skin from looking too overwhelmed with sheen and using specialized products will allow you to have better control over where you want your glow. There's a fine line between a flawless, highlighted glow and skin just looking all over shiny.


Benefit, Hourglass, Lorac, Smashbox, and Guerlain make lovely highlighters in various formulas ranging from liquids, creams, to powders. You can always mix a drop of liquid highlighter into foundation or liquid concealer to spot apply to cheekbones or use a fan/stippling brush to apply a fine amount of powder to areas.


The above thread has a diagram I detailed out a while back that shows the basics on highlighting along with contouring and even blush placement if you need some guidelines on what areas to focus that glow on.

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Congrats on your upcoming wedding! I would say keep it natural but polished. Nothing trendy. You want your photos to look good for any era, not just the era they were taken in.


Matte finish - trust me. You will have flashbulbs pointed at you all day long and you don't want to be shiny. Even if the rest of the picture is gorgeous, shiny skin will be all you see. So no luminous/dewy finishes. I had to learn that one the hard way.


Also, practice your wedding makeup a few times before the big day. You don't want to be trying new products on your wedding day and leave the results up to luck. I had to learn that one the hard way too.


Waterproof mascara is a must just in case you start crying or someone decides to be a jerk and splashes you in the face with something or pushes you into a fountain or you fall into a lake, etc. (this stuff happens).


You might also want to keep a powder compact with you for touch ups through out the day/night. The mirror inside will also be useful if your hair gets weird or you get lipstick on your teeth, etc. Check your reflection often, but be discreet about it. Smiley Wink

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Give us some more info in terms of your tastes, the look you want to go for, and what you're comfortable with wearing so we can recommend specific items to check out.


In the meanwhile, check out this thread that covers some basics for wedding day make up must-haves!

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i love kandee johnsons bridal makeup on youtube.


some things that popped in my mind first were: 

a Primer and Setting Spray 

a YSL glossy stain. Serious staying power (last through kisses and eating) and super luxurious on your special day

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I would definitely recommend avoiding foundation that has SPF in it because it reflects white in photographs.


Products that would be perfect for wedding day:

-Beauty Blender-Applies foundation with an amazing finish, and also can be used to apply pressed powder, concealer, blush, you name it!

- I would also get a matte finish bronzer to do a light contour on your cheekbones and forehead. For example, Too Faced Chocolate Soleil-for your coloring you could do the dark chocolate, or Benefit Hoola,

-The reason for matte: I was informed when having my makeup done by a MAC artist for photos that matte colors photograph better than shimmer.

-False lashes- just subtle ones Smiley Happy

- Josie Maran- Lavender setting spray- For your wedding day that will be a nice luxury because it is relaxing and hydrates your face

-Do a neutral smokey eye with golds and browns. Those colors would look amazing on you and it gives you a bright eyed look

- A pretty nude lipstick. My all time favorite is Crème d' Sheen by MAC.


Just a few things that you might wanna look into Smiley Happy

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If you must do it yourself, take test shots with a photographer's flash on.

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