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Hi, I have slight waves in my hair (resembles a frizzy bed head) and since I'm trying to grow my hair out, I'd really like to stop straightening/damaging my hair. my hair currently reaches my mid-back but I still want it longer. I'm wondering which product would be good to use to accentuate my wavy hair without making it crunchy/hard. If my hair was less frizzy I feel like the waves would look better and it could be my everyday style. Thanks for your input!

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I have slightly wavy hair aswell. If you want to go product free here is what I suggest.I just use a nice shampoo and then use conditioner for the lower half of my hair.When I get frizz or my hair just looks super fluffy I usually wet my brush run it through my hair a couple of times, twist my hair really tightly, and its all good Smiley Wink. If your out and about and its getting crazy again, just twist it really tightly and then let it unroll itself and it looks fine. Hope this helps.

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