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Hi, I have slight waves in my hair (resembles a frizzy bed head) and since I'm trying to grow my hair out, I'd really like to stop straightening/damaging my hair. my hair currently reaches my mid-back but I still want it longer. I'm wondering which product would be good to use to accentuate my wavy hair without making it crunchy/hard. If my hair was less frizzy I feel like the waves would look better and it could be my everyday style. Thanks for your input!

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My hair is exactly like this!! I go back and forth all the time with styling my hair: curling iron, straight and natural. But I have found that on my natural hair days, I only comb my hair with a wide tooth comb, wrap it up in a towel to absorb a lot of the moisture, and then put a leave in conditioner as I would a mousse or gel. Then I just scrunch as normal and let it air dry or I will diffuse it. Once dry, I spray a spray gel, meant for curly hair, to control whatever needs controlling.

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