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I have watery eyes. I've tried almost every technique in the book from lightly patting application area with napkin, to switching eyeliners. My eyeliner just won't stay put. I've even tried applying eyeshadow over the eyeliner, and that just makes it smudge faster...I've tried gel liners, pencil liners, AND liquid liners...even the waterproof liners smudge...help?
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An eyelid primer can prevent eyeliner from smudging on the eyelid.  I suggest the one from NARS as inferior ones like the one from Urban Decay does not work for all ladies (myself included).

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If you're referring to the water line, I have had good luck with em cosmetics (only sold directly through her site).  It is called waterliner.  The problem with it is the stick detaches easily and you do not get a lot of product 0.01 oz for $16, so it is rather expensive compared to better named brands that usually give 0.04 (quadruple the amount) for only a few more dollars.  If you do decide to buy it, be very careful with the stick.  In the event it detaches, call customer service and ask for a replacement or a refund. 

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