This is gettin' serious! Best foundation for very oily skin?

I've been searching for the perfect foundation for my very oily face.


I generally prefer powder foundations for day-to-day, and have used everything from Bare Minerals to drugstore brands to Lancome.  I'm open to using a full-coverage liquid foundation--as long as it's a long-lasting one and doesn't rub off.


I know the traditional "answers" to this frustration, but yes, I DO use an oil-free face wash, followed by an oil-free moisturizer, and Smashbox primer. I also dot on a bit of oil-soaking powder before I put my foundation on, as well as on top to set it. But even with all of that, I still end up looking greasy after a few hours.


If only I were baking a cake, instead of hoping to look nice....


I'm looking for serious advice, from people who have actually been where I am and found something that works! Help! 



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Hi midwestmaven.  I can totally relate to having had oily skin and after trying many products, I've found that a hydration serum was the best thing I've added to my skincare regimen.  Great makeup application starts with a great skincare regimen.  Many times overproduction of oil is from lack of hydration either topically or internally.  Using a hydration serum such as the Peter Thomas Roth VIZ 1000 75% Hyaluronic Acid Complex  will pull hydration to the surface of your skin so it's completely hydrated and decreases oil production. 




I hope this helps!





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I'm sure someone else can give you a great foundation recommendation, but I would say consider using a different primer. I believe the Smashbox is silicon based, which (with oily skin) may cause your oil and sweat to settle on top making you look greasier than you would like. 

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