The Search for a Perfect Foundation

The Search for a Perfect Foundation

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It's been a yearlong search and I'm finally at my breaking point. I'm looking for the perfect foundation and I'm really hoping you guys can help me find my new HG. 


About me...

+ Hormonal breakouts once a month

+ Fairly light skin that is difficult to match

+ Lives in a dry, desert environment


What I'm looking for...

+ Lightweight- medium foundation

+ Breathable but buildable

+ Provides a bit of a dewy finish

+ Pairs well with thicker concealer 

+ Long-lasting (I tend to have 18+ hour days)

+ Does not cake on dry spots (but who does want that?)



Anyways- I know my list is a bit demanding, but if you have anything at least similar to that, please let me know! I've tried so many different foundations this past year, and I still haven't found my HG. So any and all input would be fantastic. ❤

Re: The Search for a Perfect Foundation

Currently been sampling this one and I absolutely love it



Sephora: Guerlain : Lingerie De Peau Invisible Skin Fusion Foundation SPF 20 : foundation-makeup

Re: The Search for a Perfect Foundation

Oh wow- that looks absolutely perfect as well! 


I may have to make a trip to my local Sephora this weekend and ask for samples of both of these. After having to return way too many foundations, I think I'm just going to start out with samples now. 

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Have you tried BB cream? I've been using Smashbox's for over a year and love it. Very dewy and breathable.


I'm also in love with this Stila foundation (which comes with a matching, fairly thick concealer)


To keep it light/medium coverage, I spritz a little water (then dab of extra on the back of my hand) on the brush before picking up the foundation.

I use #45 brush for lighter coverage 


and #56 for medium or heavier 


I'm acne prone, oily T-zone but with tendency for dry spots around mouth, nose and eyes (from acne meds). Good luck!


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Thank you so much for those suggestions! 


I tried a couple BB creams, but neither of them really provided much coverage for me- I guess they were geared more towards being a tinted moisturizer than a foundation. Is the Smashbox one like that? 



I'll definitely check out the Stila one! I'm running low on my EDP concealer, so it would be lovely to get a thick concealer with my foundation and not have to repurchase that one again. Smiley Happy

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I find the Smashbox BB to be a lot ... I guess sturdier than tinted moisturizers I have used in the past. It holds up nicely all day, you can build the coverage nicely and it blends really well. I also think Smashbox has the most variety in shades of BBs so that helps make it a bit more useful than a tinted moisturizer (or compared to some of the other BB creams). 


I especially like it between seasons - when I'm going from pale to tan in the spring and tan to pale in the fall. 

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I started my search with Bare Minerals foundation. I loved the coverage, breathability and smoothing that it provided, but I decided that it was much too high-maintenance for me and definitely much too messy.


After that, I've used an assortment on foundations. These are some of the ones that I can remember...
+ Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation (couldn't get a good color match)
+ MAKE UP FOR EVER Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation (great coverage but too matte)
+ Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation (great coverage but too heavy)
+ MAC 'Studio Fix' Fluid Foundation SPF 15
+ L'Oreal Magic Nude (too sheer and cakes too easily)
+ Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation (pretty nice foundation but had to come from the UK- so really not worth it)


I believe there's a couple more on that list, but I really can't remember what they are.

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I did the foundation search earlier this year. I have VERY fair skin with a lot of pink/red in it, that starts out dry but gets oily as the day goes on. I don't break out much except around my period. I tried probably 15 foundations and finally settled on Urban Decay Naked Skin in .5. It doesn't feel like much is on at all. I use a moisturizer, primer, foundation, a setting powder (you may not need a setting powder if you want a dewy finish- I like mine more matte) and I've been using Urban Decay De-Slick finishing spray with GREAT results. I put my make up on at 6am today, took a 3 hour 'nap' mid day, and my make up still looks great.

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