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Recently I've been given the opportunity to work as stylist (hair AND makeup) for some professional shoots. The problem is that I've never had any actual cosmetology classes, so I feel kind of at a loss. I pulled some shoots off while maintaining an appearance of professionalism, getting off on natural talent alone, but I felt my supplies looked a tad...embarrassing. I bought a few new supplies for the shoot but ended up needing to use some materials from my personal collection (which, obviously, is unprofessional and less than sanitary.) Luckily, I knew the model well, and no one seemed to notice; but I realized that if I were to make any kind of career out of this, I would need to start accumulating the right tools. What are the stylist MUST-HAVE tools and other materials I need to have to feel confident when I walk into a professional shoot? What brushes, makeup and colors, and other tools can I not go without? I'm slowly learning, but quickly would be awesome. Smiley Happy Thank you!

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I'm going to suggest going to classes and get your license,no it isn't necessary to have a license to work but what you learn in beyond valuable. Also hair isn't an easy task, I started a cosmo course in a vo-tech school recently and it is much more difficult that I had imagined. This is not an easy and you need to be at your best all the time you don't know who knows who and where that could get you.

Get tons of combs of all different sorts, brushes and curling and flat irons, along with mannequin heads you can practice on.Perms are a big thing for my class right now(they are a pain) so make sure you have some rollers if you plan to do any.  If you can find a school in your area go get your hair done or nails and talk to the student who is working on you.

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