I've been getting styes around my eyes lately and I know for a fact I've been cleaning and washing off my makeup daily and I never skip a day also I am very careful to keep my hands clean while removing my contacts. But why is it that I am still getting a stye?! And does anyone have this problems as well? I've heard that there are some chemical in some eye makeups that can cause others to have stye? If this is true, can anyone tell me what is the chemical that I would need to be aware of?


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I too recommend seeing your ophthalmologist ASAP for a thorough eye exam to rule out any underlying ocular surface or lid margin conditions. Recurring styes aren't to be taken lightly, it is an infection that may permanently damage your cornea.


More than likely your physician will incorporate a daily regular lid care hygiene protocol. Not just cleansing your make-up as usual, but adding additional products available from most drugstore eye care sections.


IF determined by your physician to begin a lid care hygiene protocol with specific products, private message me & I will send you information where these products can be purchased for less money than local drugstores. 


Please do not try the at home Baby Shampoo cleansing. There are safer products made specifically for lid eye care/ cleansing. Baby Shampoo is not created to cleanse your eye area. IF your eye care practioner advises Baby Shampoo, please get a second opinion.







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Hi Christineew27, 


Sometimes styes can also build up from heavy eye creams or serums that settle into the skin. I tend to wear creamy liners under my lash line and sometimes get styes as well. :smileysad: You'll want to toss out mascaras and I also disinfect all my liners and brushes. (liners i've wiped down with alcohol, cleaned the sharpener and then sharpened again to attempt to restore them.)


Warm washclothes a few times everyday can help reduce them and they DO normally go away on their own. If you have one that is persistent, check with your doctor for treatment options! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

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I get them in my waterline every once in a while. there was another term that someone used though that was oily clogging the pores. you can use a damp warm cloth to reduce it but they usually go away after a while. are you sure its a stye. i know mine isn't from makeup because ive gotten them even when i don't wear any. 


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Hi christineew27! Sorry to hear that! It sounds like you might want to take a trip to your doctor for this one.  They will be able to give you more info on styes themselves and maybe pinpoint what's causing it.  I would advise, however, to toss any eyeliners you might be using since styes are contagious.  





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Toss mascaras as well!


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I had a stye once years ago and unfortunately my doctor had me throw out eyeliners, mascaras, eyeshadows, and brushes. Anything that came in contact with my eyes was gone. I was fairly young and didn't have higher end things, but I was still really upset at the time. Nowadays I'd probably have a crying fit if he ever tells me that everything has to go.  I'm hoping that you fare better than I did back in the day!! Good luck!!!!


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I would cry if I had to toss all my eyeshadow! Mascaras and eyeliners I wouldn't mind since I only use 2 at a time. My eye brushes are mostly ELF studio brushes and BH cosmetics brushes so its not too bad if I had to replace. But my eyeshadow! I would have to basically throw away all my palettes since I use different ones each day!

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