Smashbox BB Creme

Went into Sephora to get the new Benefit foundation, dumb me didn't realize it doesn't come out til march.  So I have fair skin, old acne marks (current acne, not much) large pores, combination skin hate the feel of anything on my face. (girls with painful acne know where I'm coming from, we don't want anything on our face, yet know things need to be covered)  The sales girl turned me in the direction of Smashbox BB Creme.  I was trying to get away from powder, so I wanted just a liquid foundation and creme blush.  So I like the feel, or lack of, which is good.  she matched me with fair, which I think is a bit too fair, just wondering if one of their other foundations, or any brand for that fact have the lightness feel of this one with a bit more coverage.  She did mention it would even things out which it did, but wouldn't cover, so since I'm breaking out again (age 40, hormonal) I wanted to try a little more coverage, but can't handle any heavier of a foundation.  Any suggestions?  besides a face lift.......

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