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I need to get a skin care routine!!  I have problem skin so I don't know where to begin?? I have acne prone oily yet dry skin. I also have acne scars and dark spots that I would like to make less noticeable. Please help me down the right path Smiley Happy

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Give us a run down over what your skin care regimen entails currently.


When you say you have acne, do you get anywhere from 1-10 pimples a month or 12-15+ pimples a month? Do they occur during times of stress or around the time of your cycle? Do they come in clusters? Are they more whiteheads, black heads, or raised/almost swollen to the touch blemishes?


Where are you suffering from dryness? Do you exfoliate, if so, how often and what do you use?


Give us some more info so we can make better recommendations!

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