Skin Problems! Help?

Hey guys,

well i have a few skin issues.

I have blackheads on my nose, oily skin, uneven skin tone and redness. 

When i apply my foundation, by the middle of the day it starts bubbling up and gets oily.

I use hourglass primer which helps alot with my oilyness. but i have been trying to focus more on my face without makeup. 

How can i control these things with out using foundation?

I know moisterizer helps and it is what i do but what helps for uneven skin tone and redness?

for my blackheads ?

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Blackheads and oily skin --- keep your pores clean can help with that. What cleanser/toner/moisturizer are you using? oily skin means you can use whatever cleanser altho try not to use an oil one, you should exfoliate with a scrub or use a toner to help clear the pores (preventive measures for blackheads), and you should go for a gel/cream or lotion type moisturizer if your skin is oily (Philosophy Take a Deep Breath, BLISS Oxygen+C, Clinique yellow gel, Boscia oil-free etc depending on your concern).


However, try not to use too harsh of a scrub or toner since that might worsen the redness. Clinique have a redness reducing line (more on the make up side) that would probably suit your need. Not sure I've ever heard of foundation bubbling up, but you can try Clinique Stay Matte for a super light dust of powder that reduces oiliness.

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