Sigma vs. Bubbi brushes

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To start off- I just want to put out a disclaimer that I am a brush addict. About once a year or so, I decide to treat myself to some new brushes. I have way more brushes than I need/ use, but I'm always looking to add more to my collection. So- with that said, I currently have a huge collection of MAC brushes, as well as the Charlotte Ronson brush set from Sephora that I picked up on sale. The MAC brushes are amazing and have been with my for 4+ years. The Charlotte Ronson brushes (pictured below), my most recent purchase, are pretty great. I tend to use these for blending out colors, though, so I can't really attest to their application.


Anyways, to get back on topic- I'm looking at supplementing my collection with more brushes. I don't quite have a "complete" brush set, as MAC sells everything individually and their prices have prevented me from completing one.


So that is what I'm looking to go for now... a 100% complete brush set that I can use for both everyday application and for blending. My search has led me to both the Sigma Essentials Brush Set and the Bubbi Complete Set. Have any of you had experience with either of these sets or brushes? I've noticed that most of my favorite vloggers use either Sigma or Bubbi, but I'm hoping some of you have used them too.


Charlotte Ronson brushes:

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