Should you wash your face morning and night?

I've been using Differin retinol lotion every other night and am experiencing dry skin.


I know that is a side effect of using a retinol, but I was wondering if I need to wash my face in the morning?


I wash my skin every night with a gel cleanser and always moisturize morning and night!


Do you think this will help my skin from getting more dry?

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Hi Arete,


You should definitely wash your face both in the morning & evening, to cleanse your skin of any oils and pollutants from the air.  I would suggest using the retinol once a week until your skin adjusts to the product.  Immediate overuse can shock your skin & overdry it.  If you can, you also might want to use the retinol is the areas you are targeting, such as just your tzone or jawbone.  That way the rest of your face wont dry out.  Hope that helps!


xo, Mia

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