Should you wash your face morning and night?

I've been using Differin retinol lotion every other night and am experiencing dry skin.


I know that is a side effect of using a retinol, but I was wondering if I need to wash my face in the morning?


I wash my skin every night with a gel cleanser and always moisturize morning and night!


Do you think this will help my skin from getting more dry?

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Try to skip washing with a cleanser in the AM and just splash water on your face. You may be overstripping your skin of precious oils and it's responding by being overly dry. Unless you are really hot at night, your skin doesn't perspire much, so water should remove anything that's on there. Also try using a creamy cleanser instead of your gel one, as they tend to be more stripping than more emollient ones. Philosophy Purity Made Simple works well for many people and can double as a makeup remover.

Hope this helps!
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