Sephora + Pantone Precious Metals Palette - ID numbers
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palette picture.JPGI just purchased the Sephora + Pantone Precious Metals Palette, but I have no idea what the code numbers mean.  I had read somewhere that the colors in the palette are organized in a way so that they work together, but are they organized horizontally, vertically, and what are they organized to do?  


Some colors have the words "PANTONE" a code and the words TPX written below, what does that mean? 


There is nothing included in the packaging that explains what any of the id numbers might mean.  At this point its starting to get confusing and frustrating, especially because I'm sure the answer is obvious.  I would appreciate any help!

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I believe that the id numbers are color codes in the pantone color system, so they don't really mean anything for the eyeshadows. I think they just thought it would be cool cause they're working with "the color authority."


Each column is from the same color family, so the five colors should work together. You can definitely mix and match, but the first column is white to black and the last column is all purples. Also I think the names of the color are on the back of the palette. Hope that helps!

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