Self-tanner for a wedding, help!

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Okay, so I currently have a farmer's tan (t-shirt tan) on my arms. I'm in a wedding next weekend and I need a self-tanner to help even out the white part of my upper arm to my more brown lower arm. I've never tried self-tanner before, so I'm looking for a no-fuss, self-tanner that can help me out. Any suggestions?


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Hi JessaB24,


If you're doing it for a wedding, I would say you might want to get it done professionally at a salon to ensure you have an even, streak and orange-free tan. If you don't have time for that, both JoannaMC and kalex have provided some great suggestions, so i'd definitely try those out. I'd recommend trying them out sooner rather than later as tanners are much harder to fix if they don't come out how you want them. 


I also suggest the St. Tropez In Shower Gradual Tan because it's very easy to use and builds a light tan over a few uses.


Best of luck! Hope you're glowing at the wedding Smiley Happy

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I love the Vita Liberta pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse (just bought a bottle last night)! I apply at night and shower off in the morning - I prefer this brand over others because it is not orange, does not leave an odor, and I find the mousse to be very, very easy to apply.


I also do use the Perfekt Body Perfection Gel, but I typically use this as more of a leg makeup.


I think either product would work well for you! Hope you have a great time at the wedding!

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I have yet to find a no-fuss self-tanner.  Mainly because I've yet to find a self-tanner that doesn't turn me orange or worse yet... splotchy orange (yes, I exfoliate and moisturize and blah, blah, blah prior.) Smiley Very Happy


Even if you're not Irish and freckly and prone to turning orange with self-tanners like I am, I find it unlikely that a self-tanner will turn your skin the same color as it turns with a natural tan.  Not to mention, only applying to the untanned area without getting any on the already tanned area (and therefore further darkening it) would be difficult.


I think maybe getting a spray tan at a salon or trying a wash off product with buildable color may be your best bet. Tongueroducts gridSmiley Tongue291214


Cheers! (And I hope your bridesmaid dress isn't hideous!) Smiley Very Happy


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Why are there smiley faces in the product link lol?  Sephora is feeling cheerful I guess?

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