Rosacea and Acne Prone
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I've recently acquired a type of rosacea  that flares up when im stressed. It is always in my T-Zone and sometimes cheeks. I get small pimple-like bumps with it. I need a cleanser and moisturizer that will not strip and aggravate my skin, but also not cause anymore acne. I am currently looking at "origins mega mushroom" and think it may work...thoughts?

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Origins is great- it is gentle on the skin and super effective.  The Mega Mushroom line is great as it will calm and soothe your skin.  I think it would be a great line to try to help treat your skin.


I would definitely try the cleanser and the moisturizer to start.  Give it a couple of weeks staying consistent and you should notice a difference in your skin.  If you need more hydration after you have tried it for a few weeks, try Origins Make a Difference Cream.



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