Recs: Luxe HUGE FLUFFY SOFT blending/finishing brush?

Looking for a SOFT, Fluffy, REALLY LARGE finishing brush/blending brush.


So far I liked Dermablend Pro Face and Body Brush, but it has a short handle and other incidental features I don't love.


I mostly will not use product with this brush, just want it to finish/blend my final contouring, buff in my already applied finishing powder, dust off any powdery areas, etc.


I guess I MIGHT occasionally use it to apply more finishing powder (like the HD micro or min veil), but it's more just a luxurious way to do a last blend and dust after applying the full face.


In my ideal world it would have a full handle (not one of those stubby 1-2 inch 'kabuki style' handles).  Also in my fantasy world, I prefer black/silver/neutral colors so my brush collection doesn't look too crazy -- but I care about function and quality first, so if the best one is pink, so be it Smiley Very Happy.


I've been looking at the $50 price point, but would be willing to consider (almost) any price point -- if you love it and love to use it.  I enjoy products that FEEL great, don't shed, retain their softness, shape, and quality, etc.  I'd rather invest in something I can keep for many many years than buy something cheap.



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Not sure why there's another post on this... but Have you looked at the Too Faced Powder Pouf? I usually use it for setting powder, but sometimes I'll blend my makeup with it too. It's sooooo fluffy & soft. Sorry it's pink Smiley Sad but it's only $32 Smiley Tongue 

I also really like the Hourglass foundation brush 2. I think it's too soft & fluffy for foundation application, but does a good job at blending. It's neutral, but $58.




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Thanks Danny! Did you mean, why did I post a different thread about brushes, or something else about another post on this? Smiley Happy

Eventually with advice from here and friends, and pawing a few in store ... I had narrowed it down to two choices -- so I posted a thread specifically about those two brushes, rather than a general question.


Also, I had posted the original broader brush thread in "Ask the Experts" I realized, which made me think that some might not have replied because they didn't feel worthy of an "expert" titles Smiley Wink.  Not sure if that was your question or not; if not, disregard.  Since I finally made a purchase, and so as not to clutter the forum -- I deleted that other post just now.

Now I see these two nice ones you suggested and I might have to go back to drawing board -- and I really like Hourglass one, I forgot I had looked at in in-store once... I think I might actually like it for foundation application when I want really light coverage. Thanks so much for the suggestions! Smiley Very Happy

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I didn't like the way hourglass applied foundation, maybe for very light coverage, but I do think it works very nicely as a blending brush. & it's soooo soft, but again, a touch out of your price range.
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The price range was a little arbitrary, just the price range I noticed I had been looking at -- very willing to spend more for the right brush, no problem. (esp just a little more! Smiley Very Happy)

Duly noted re: foundation!
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