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I have asked a lot of questions about concealer! and I still am searching for those amazing products or techniques that can really get the job done. I have fair skin and my dark circles are purple and a little pinkish. I use the Sephora Collection pro  concealer airbrush #57 to apply the concealer. I have tried a number of concealers. Just to give you an idea as to my collection so far that has failed me.


Laura Mercier secret concealer in 2

Laura Mercier secret camouflage sc-2 ..I might need these concealers in a lighter shade? I don't really know.

Amazing cosmetics concealer in light

Bobbi Brown Corrector and concealer

MUFE lift concealer

Hourglass Hidden corrective concealer

Cover FX concealer


Any suggestions would be really great! I am getting super obsessed about this issue!

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Hi Sls35,


I think that you should try using a pink color corrector before applying your concealer. Pink will help cancel any dark purple/blue tones and instantly adds brightness to the under eyes!


I highly recommend the Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Hyperlight. It has a really smooth texture and is my life saver when I have really dark circles. Apply it in a patting motion for fuller cover.


product image



I hope that this helps you!

<3 Melissa
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I have very pale skin and hair and redish purple wicked circles too, and I think that Mac Studio Sculpt concealer is really nice, make sure it's not too light some people perfer a lighter shade, but I think it highlights it.

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