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Hello everyone! 


Im dany and i recently became a VIB which is so exciting! 


I need your help!  Im trying to make my own make up kit, and i get a bit overwhelmed with so many products, so i was wondering if any of you can help me out.


Which products are your must have or basic ones to have? It can be blush, lipsticks,..anything!!


Thank you so much! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Products for my personal Make up Kit

1Lancome Dual Finish Powder
2Benefit That Gal Face Brightening Primer
3Lancome Definicils Mascara
4By Terry Baume De Rose
5Lancome Taupe Craze Eyeshadow Palette
6Laura Geller Baked Blush Boysenberry
7Lancome CILS booster
8Lipstick Queen Jean Queen
9Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel
10NARS Eye Shadow Primer

Re: Products for my personal Make up Kit

The list is soooooo long, so I'm going to narrow it down to just 10 and this list doesn't include tools.  I am going to say though that the Beauty Blender is a great tool for liquid and cream foundations for flawless application.  Also foundation depends so much on your skin type, if you have dry skin, oily skin, prefer powder, liquid, cream, it just depends, so I've just included my favourite powder foundation.


1. A neutrals palette.  I am going to recommend either Urban Decay Naked 3 or the Too Faced Chocolate Bar, depending on your skin tone, but these two are my favourites, also look at the other two UD Naked Palettes depending on your colouring.

2. Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation.  It applies flawlessly and looks good for hours, and there is a great colour range.  It's not drying but it's not oily either.

3. A MLBB, a my lips but better lipstick that is wearable, comfortable, not drying and always makes you feel put together.  For me it is Bite Beauty's Fig.

4. A good bronzer.  My two favourites are both Too Faced, the Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer when I want matte, and pink leopard when I want shimmer

5. The perfect blush.  This also depends on your skin tone but my favourite blushes are Tarte's Amazonian Clay blushes.  My favourites are Fearless (especially in the summer), Exposed and Dollface.

6. A bold as f*** lipstick that makes you feel like a $ex kitten every time you put it on.  I have a few, one of my favourites is Bite Beauty's Violet, but I love Bite's Crush (liquid lipstick) and Too Faced Jelly Bean.  This is the colour that you put on when you want to feel like a bad a$$.

7. A Holy Grail Mascara.  This is different for everyone.  For me it's Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, it gives me perfect lashes every time.  

8. A pencil liner to tight line with.  I use UD Perversion.  Tight lining is a great way to make your eyes pop and enhance any eye look.  I like black when I am going bold or a dark brown for everyday, but UD liners are by far my favourite.  Plus I can also use UD Perversion to line my eyes normally, so it's multi functional.

9. An eyeshadow primer.  My favourite is Too Faced Shadow Insurance, but I know loads of people who swear by UD Primer Potion.  I just have drier lids and UD PP made my lids feel like they were going to crack.

10. A face primer.  This depends on you, I've been using Too Faced Primed and Poreless for ages but I want to try the new Hangover primer when I'm out of my P&P.


Bonus!  COLOUR!  Colour isn't essential but once you build your kit you may want to get creative and start playing.  The Urban Decay Electric Palette is the BEST for bold colour, it's so fun to play with and experiment with different looks.  I also love UD liners for colour, Freak, and Deep End are two of my faves. 

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My favorite for blushes are Nars blushes and Tarte blushes. For Nars I really like Deep Throat and Luster. For Tarte I really like Dollface.


UD 24/7 was originally my favorite eyeliner but I'm starting to really like the Sephora brand eyeliner. It is still creamy and smooth but not so creamy that it smears or melts off.


I would also get 1 neutral palette. But whichever one you choose is up to you. Some of my favorites are the original UD naked palette, Lorac pro palette, Too Faced chocolate bar, Stila in the light, or a Kat von D palette.


My hands down favorite eye primer is the UD primer potion, although I've heard great things about the Too Faced shadow insurance. I have that also but haven't gotten a chance to try it out.

Re: Products for my personal Make up Kit

Hello Daanyh31! I'm definitely NOT a beauty expert, so I don't know if this will help ya or not...but here's some of my personal must-have basics: 


1. BB Cream: I don't use foundation, concealer, bronzers/contour usually... I'm too lazy!! Smiley Happy I just use Dr. Jart's BB creams (I have a few different types, but favorite is the one in the red tube, the Renewalist. This BB cream only works well for very fair complexions though, so it will or will not work for you depending on your skintone). 


2. Eyeliners: I have to say the best pencil eyeliners I've used are by Urban Decay. Plus if you're building your own kit, you'll have lots of shades to choose from with UD. Surprisingly I also love the Pixi eyeliners (sold in Target). They have a much smaller range of colors, but the quality is excellent, and slightly cheaper than UD. Liquid liners: Stila. 


3. Blush: go with Nars! There's lots of colors to choose from, my personal favorites are Gaiety and Exhibit A. Totally different from one another (Gaiety is a light cool-toned pink, Exhibit A is a very pigmented, bright tomato red). Orgasm is their most famous shade, but it's way to sparkly for me. 


4. Eyeshadow: Get at least 1 of the Naked palettes - you can't go wrong with that. Gives lots of versatility and the shadows are mostly good quality. I'm not a fan of UD's super chunky glittery shadows (like Sidecar from Naked1 or Dust from Naked 3), but overall I enjoy their eyeshadows, and the palettes are affordable if you break it down to the cost of an individual shadow. For more sophisticated shadows, I would recommend the Shiseido Luminizing shadows, or the newly formulated YSL shadows (like the ones in the YSL couture palettes). 


5. Lipstick: Makeup forever, just because they have such a huge range of colors to choose from, and the lasting power is better than most, in my opinion. (Personal favorite shade is Rouge Intense 29). You can see which colors are "best suited" to your skintone and hair color (that is, according to Makeup Forever) through this chart that I posted in this thread:


For drugstore alternative brand, I'd go with good old Revlon. Nice product, cheap price, lots of shades and finishes to choose from. If you're more into sheer colors, I'd suggest the Fresh tinted balms. Really pretty colors, plus they really do a great job of moisturizing. 





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Some foundations worth looking at/testing are: Estee Lauder Double Wear, NARS Sheer Glow, and Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation.


My favorite concealer is the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. I've been wanting to try the Marc Jacobs ReMarcable concealer. 


I also really want to try Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector, liquid and pressed. It looks really pretty on the skin. 


The Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronze is something you should try/look at. It's quite expensive, but you get a full ounce of product. Other brands have under 0.5 ounce. 

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this is a VERY subjective question--i don't want you to be too influenced by people's answers, and to think about what it is you know you love/need.

for example, some people would never dream of putting foundation on without primer--but i personally don't use it. nor do i wear blush ! one person's MUST HAVE(s) is another person's after thought.

but i'll give you an idea of my must-haves. none of which i wear every day but i like them to be a part of my arsenal at all times..


  1. foundation (either NARS or GIORGIO ARMANI...important to name brands bc only 2 i've ever found to match my insanely fair skin tone) 
  2. concealer
  3. mascara (normal and waterproof)
  4. eyeliner
  5. variety of lip colors (some bold, some nudes)

for me, eyeshadows, while fun, are not a MUST HAVE. i know there are plenty here who value their eyeshadows most ! i tend to fill in my brows but again, it's not a must-have for me.


does this include skincare as well ? because i'm even more ardent about my must-haves/never-run-out-ofs. i'd full on panic* if i allowed myself to run out of:


  1. various cleansers 
  2. caudalie beauty elixir
  3. an exfoliating toner
  4. moisturizer

*yes i'm high maintenance ! 

Re: Products for my personal Make up Kit

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Thank you so much for your reply! im just trying to see which brands / products are the best..or what products i can consider for myself.


Which brand of concealer do you use-? Your favorite lipstick?


You can tell me your skincare too! I love hearing about new products!! Im high maintenance too lol..i like good stuff..more if its for my skin / face.


Thanks again!

Re: Products for my personal Make up Kit

hi dany !

sorry for the delay of response. 

i'm very loyal to NARS. this wasn't necessarily a conscious choice but something i realized over time. i very often ended up with NARS products after testing/swatching everything in person when in the store !


i currently use NARS sheer glow foundation, and NARS radiant creamy concealer. i love the texture of both of these products (moisturizing but not oily) as well as the fact they actually match my skin !!!

my favorite lipsticks vary brand wise. basically i prefer a matte lipstick (which i don't think is a common preference, admittedly) and have found ones i really love from NARS and MAC. both of these brands offer a variety of lipstick finishes--so figure out which sort of finish you like and look for those specifically (such as 'matte', 'sheer', 'satin' etc). also, while i don't have a lot of bobbi brown products yet i find myself drawn to her vision. if you want a more natural look bobbi brown is a brand i definitely recommend. i'm also a sucker for givenchy. they have my new favorite mascara, and their le rouge lipsticks are WONDERFUL. (for product specifics check out my profile !)


skincare is a whole other ballgame. i consider myself a product junkie when it comes to skincare even more so than makeup because once i figured out what ingredients worked for my skin (this took years of evolving awareness and education, admittedly) i look for products with these ingredient, as opposed to brand-specific. brands i'm particularly loyal to are caudalíe, REN, clarins, kate somerville, ole henriksen (all available at sephora) as well as aveda's botanical kinetics line, and the boots botanics line you can find at target. a good balm cleanser, toners (both hydrating AND exfoliating toners) and facial oils are my particular grails i hunt. i can get much more specific about routines and products if you'd like me to, just ask ! Smiley Happy

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