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I would like suggestions for products to try that might help hide or minimize pores.  I recently bought Sephora's pore refining serum, which seems to help only a very little.  I've had problems with it being somewhat drying, and it also wants to roll up when I apply moisturizer over it.  Even later in the day, if I rub my face where that was applied, I'll end up with that spot rolling up under my fingers.  I'm just not convinced it's worth the hassle.  My T-zone is not super-oily, rather it's normal to dry, especially now in the winter.  What other products are good for this?  I'm open to serums, primers, makeup, whatever.

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Thanks everyone!  Great info and some products to look into!

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Hi Darmic, 


While a number of items out there help to reduce their appearance, sadly nothing can actually shrink them permanentely. 


I've used the Clarisonic skincare brush and it has done wonders to treat my skin from breakouts, remove buildup and dead skin cells and make my pores smoother and less apparent. With your skin so cleansed and renewed after, all your makeup is sure to look and feel better.


Clarisonic - Mia2™ Skin Cleansing System

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

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Good call, Diana! I totally had the Clarisonic slip my mind! That's an incredible tool to pair with any skin care regimen to keep skin extra clean and in tip top condition!

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The issue and facts when it comes to pores boils down to your genetics. Sadly, there's not much that over the counter products can do in terms of actually shrinking or altering the size of your pores permanently or over long periods of time.


Most products on the market that target pores really aid in the minimizing of the appearance of pores, rather than shrinking the actual size. These products rely on deep cleansing factors, purifying aspects, and keeping sebum and oil production at a minimum as to not clog or oxidize.


Pore targetting skin care products generally rely on beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), also referred to as salicylic acid for it's ability to shed dead skin (prevents clogging), cleansing and removal of bacteria and oils (prevents clogging/oxidizing), and helps to regenerate new and healthy cells so your skin results in looking fresher.


Witch hazel is another commonly used ingredient as it's a natural astringent that breaks down oil and refreshes the skin.


Products in the skin care realm also rely on ingredients like charcoal or pumice, which helps to draw out excess oil and sebum from the skin, purify, and if utilized in physical particles, helps to exfoliate.


An ingredient that is commonly used in cosmetics and skin care is dimethicone. Dimethicone allows for a more refined and silky texture and appearance to the skin, it also locks in beneficial ingredients. In skin care, the traces of dimethicone are generally not as detectable as in cosmetic use, where it's mainly used in primers to provide a very silky and slick barrier on the skin to prevent make up from caking or settling, plus prevents oil from coming through and disrupting the wear of make up.


Murad's Acne line contains a couple of pore targetting treatments as well as a toner, and lines such as Dr. Brandt (Pores No More) and Algenist (Multiperfecting Pore) have more products that target this issue.


If you're looking for cosmetics that help with minimizing pores, try Benefit's Porefessional, which can be used on problem areas or all over the face (minus the lids) to minimize the look of pores and smooth the appearance of the skin, plus mattify. It contains a higher percentage of dimethicone, plus can be used over make up to absorb oil or touch up without caking on powder or using blotting papers. Too Faced's Primed and Poreless (pink tube) is another diemthicone rich primer that also works in the same aspect, but also has skin brightening properties.


The key thing to remember is properly cleansing and maintaining the skin's healthy balance, keeping it rid of excess oil and perhaps even investing in a facial once a month for deeper cleanings and even extracts to remove stubborn black heads.


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Some good primers/treatments for hiding pores are:

1. The Murad mattifying primer'

2. Too faced primed and poreless

3. Dr. Perricone's intensive pore minimizer

4. Exfoliating is also a good way to reduce pore size.

5.Dr. Brandt's pores no more minimizer.


Hope this helps!

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