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Hi, I've been having issues with the skin around my eyes, and the actual eye lid. They can get very dry and crepey (while the rest of my face can be more combo with no lines). Wearing shadows has recently become a nightmare, especially when my eyelids get super dry. A lot of eye creams tend to just sit on my skin and don't absorb, making shadows crease even more (I've tried difference application methods, but the result are the same). I just tossed my UD primer potion (it was getting old).


I'm looking for really good eyeshadow primers that are geared more towards dry and older skin (even though I'm 25 Smiley Sad ) . Or at least one that wont further dry out my skin. Bonus feature that would be helpful but not necessary include: long tern skin care benefits, hydrating, good for sensitive eyes, can be used also under the eye before concealer. And if there are any eye creams that really standout and that you feel would be helpful, suggestions would be great.


Any help would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks,



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Hi Olivyah,


I would recommend discussing this with your primary physician or a dermatologist to see if there is an underlying reason as to why this is happening.

Whimsically yours,
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Thanks for the reply! I'm actually actually waiting on an appointment with a dermatologist I just got referred to. My doctor thinks it could be a reaction to nail polish (weird but apparently more common than you would think), because when it first started nothing in my skin care routine was new. I was told to use mild cleansers and moisturize like crazy. It got better, but there hasn't been any improvement for just over a month.
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