Primer & Foundation combo to hide large pores..?? Help!

I have tried many things to reduce and/or hide my large pores.  I have combination-ish skin but it's not seriously oily and not extremely dry.  Nothing has worked to reduce them (I try to spend as much as I can on better products but don't have the means to spend a ton of money).  Some things have helped my skin appear smoother (one of my favorites is Queen Helene's grapeseed mask, and sometimes the mint julep mask).  I recently bought Too Faced's Primed and Poreless primer which helps reduce the appearance of pores, but they are still visible.  I am throwing this question out there to the experts.. What primers and foundations (especially when put together), in your experience, have you found to hide pores the best?  I know they are something I have to live with and just work with, but I would love to be able to hide them with makeup.  Thanks!

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