Perricone Face Finishing Moisturizer

I have combination/dry skin and was interested in using the Perricone Face Finishing Moisturizer.


I recently started using the Perricone Citrus Face Wash and really like it! I've also included the Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum into my nightly skincare routine. My goal is to help fade a couple acne scars.


I've read some reviews on the Perricone moistruizer and a lot of users said it is light weight... which is what I'm looking for. I hate the feeling of a heavy moisturizer sitting on my face.


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I use teh Face Finishing Moisturizer and it is INDEAD light weight.  I do not know if it wll fade scars but it has brighten my skin and my pores are much smaller.  I can really tell when I have not used it.   (stopped to try something else and went running back to the Perricone)

Get the sample and try it for a few days.  I saw results fast!

Good luck


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I use the blue plasma peel and it is amazing. It feels so good going on the skin and your face feels so soft in the morning when you wake up. I love love love it. It's expensive, but I've had mine for like 6 months and still have 1/3 of the bottle. I got it on QVC and was able to do the 3 payments for 30 some dollars each. It's so worth the money. I have definitely seen a difference in my acne scarring. If you stick with it every night, you will see results.


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Hi arete,


That's correct! Perricone products are super lightweight. If you are still a little skeptical I'd recommend visiting your local Sephora and requesting a sample. Most of our sample jars are big enough to hold 3-4 days worth of product, which should give you enough time to determine if you like the moisturizer :smileyhappy:.

Whimsically yours,

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To help fade acne scars try Dr. Perricone's blue plasma peel super gentle and won't harm your skin and is perfect to add to your existing routine. Hope this helps!

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