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Hey Everyone!


My name is Missy. I'm 27 and have just started using beauty products about 2 or 3 years ago as an everyday thing. I have a round/heart shaped face and puffy cheeks with know eye/cheek bones to see or speak of (that I can see anyways). 


I'm having the hardest time finding bronzer/blush/highliting techniques to make it look like I have an actually contoured face with cheek bones. The techniques I've seen on you tube just don't seem to work with my face shape or the color seems off. I have quite a fair face. I bought Kat Von D II Bronzer and have lots of shades that could be used as blush and highlighters including blushes and highlighters and the only thing I seem to pull off is highlighting my eyebrow bone area and a bit under my eyes. 


Everything as far as bronzers seems to be too dark, or mostly too orange for my face, and everytime I put the tiniest amount of blush on my "apples of my cheeks" I look like a clown or it looks like just wayyyy too much make up with the other make up I'm wearing all the sudden. 


Also it doesn't help that I have an under cut shave on one side of my face so when I wear bronzer in the "3" shape that Kat Von D recommends you can see right next to my temples my stark pale shaved head so its really obvious that I'm wearing bronzer compared to her dark orange shade I purchased. 


Also (Sorry to keep going and take so long) most bronzers kind of make me look like I've gotten a tan and thats not really my look as I'm really really pale. So the rest of my chest and neck look stark different than my face.


My questions are: How to truly apply blush, bronzer, and highlighter. Wear to apply it, and what shades should I be shopping in because these browns and oranges are making me look like a pumpkin head and keep my face looking just as round as it had before... Should I be going for a peach color or something? I've even tried the famous Nars Blush in Orgasm AND Albatross as a highlighter and can't seem to apply them in the right places. I'm going to attack a photo of my face with just foundation and nothing else on so you can see what I'm talking about with my cheekbone-less round face and the stark whiteness.


Please Please help me with this situation. I would LOVE to have a contoured cheek bone showing face with actual ANGLES in it rather than a round plump one. I guess when I'm not smiling my cheeks are very plump and kind of having a sagging face look or pull to them. Or is my face EVEN ROUND? Or is it heart shaped? I don't even know. 


Warm Regards and Love + Make up,




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Missy - Your face isn't round at all! You've actually got great cheekbones. I agree with with keelybt who recommended a really great brush for contouring.

When it comes to how to contour, I think with your face, you ought to leave the apples of your cheeks mostly alone. Start with a very light blush (I've got skin similar to yours, and I use Benefit Dandelion) and brush it from the outsides of the apples all the way up to your temples. Blending color all the way to the hairline will help you avoid the clown look you talk about.

Next, use a light bronzer, like Tarte Mineral Powder Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess, to sweep just under the place you've just put blush. Again, blend the product all the way up to your hairline. Using your fingers or a blending brush, rub the blush and bronzer at the place they meet until the difference in color is softer.

I learned this technique a few years ago from a makeup artist and I haven't stopped using it since! Good luck!


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Thank you so much can't wait to try this.


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Hi Missy First of all your face isn't at all round and you have really nice cheekbones Smiley Happy  I would say you have more of a heart shaped face. What kind of brush are you using?  I think a brush like Classic Angled Blush Brush #40 would work well for you. The bristles aren't very dense so it won't pick up too much product and the angled design can make contouring a bit easier.

SEPHORA COLLECTION - Classic Angled Blush Brush #40

Start out with a small amount of product, you can always build up the color if you like. I like to do a "check mark" in the cheek area.  Start at the outer apple of your cheek, go down to right underneath your cheekbone and them sweep it up towards your temples. Then brush some color along your hairline, chin and a little across your nose.


Now if you are light skinned when you bronze you have to do a little on your neck and chest so it doesn't look like the bronzing just stopped at your face.  So then take a very light amount and dust it down your neck and, if you are wearing a tank top like you are in the pic, dust a bit on your decollete. Just enough to look sunkissed. 

Another good trick for light skinned gals, if you feel like it is showing too much,  is to go on top with a translucent powder and lightly blend it in. That will soften the look and make it look more natural.

For blush I would recommend trying something soft and just add a light pop of color on the apple of your cheeks and brush up a little. I think Benefit Sugarbomb would be very pretty with your coloring.

Benefit Cosmetics - Sugarbomb


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Super awesome specifics with the brush and color I'm totally going to try this question mark Idea and hope it works. I hope I can find the right colors. Smiley Happy



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Alright you guys! I'm getting this. It sounds like a combination of everything you said plus another highlighter what do you think? Its by Charlotte Ronson.

3 X A Charm Luminizer, Blush, Bronzer

ITEM # 1333798 SIZE 1 palette
COLOR Shoshanna

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