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Okay I have few bumps under my lip area. They aren't zits or acne. I can't seem to get raid of them. Super embarrassing and frustrating. How can I finally make them disappear.....


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AH! I have those too! They're on my chin/jawline too. :smileysad: so frustrating


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Use something with salicylic acid in it once daily.  That'll unclog and keep all your pores unclogged.


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Hi EPaden,


I agree with Diana, it sounds like a lot of clogged pores. Try using a gentle scrub Blemish Buffing Beads with glycolic acid. It will help smooth out the surface and also kill the bacteria on the skin.


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<3 Melissa

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no I don't use anything glossy. I have had this for sometime and finally wanting to get raid of them finally. They are mostly lower lip/chin. They aren't red, its my skin color.


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Hi Epaden, 


Are you using a lot of lip gloss or balms? I've had a few (and even a few lipliners!) that caused little bumps, almost like pimples but more along the lines of milia which are pretty much clogged pores that create hard bumps on the skin and are usually a result of super rich or emollient products.


Try steering away from anything too glossy for a bit and use some matte colors if you need to. Warm/hot washclothes on the area can help too! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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