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Non-Gentle Face Scrub Recommendation!

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Can someone recommend the strongest (roughest?) face scrub Sephora carries? I DON'T have sensitive skin and my skin can handle a lot so the gentler stuff is wasted on me. And yes, I have tried the Kate Somerville Exfolikate but it's a bit too rich for my blood... so i guess i'm asking for an exfoliator that's less than $60 CDN or so...

As a reference point, the only scrub that I've liked so far is the Ole Henrikson Walnut Scrub but I'd like to add another to my arsenal. LOL : )

Re: Non-Gentle Face Scrub Recommendation!

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Thank you, everyone! I now have a few samples to request from Sephora before the VIB sale so I can purchase the winner! LOL

Lylysa, it's not that I HAVE to have that super scrubby feeling, it's just that I've noticed ZERO difference in my skin after using most of the "gentler" products. My skin just doesn't slough off as easily? Dunno... the Exfolicate does leave a noticeable (ie. visible) difference after use, so I guess I'm trying to find that outcome in a cheaper bottle. : )

Re: Non-Gentle Face Scrub Recommendation!

Derma E Microdermabrasion scrub - about $25-30?


In general I would look for microderm scrubs!

Re: Non-Gentle Face Scrub Recommendation!

A few months back I got a scrub from Suki in my Sample Society box. I'm thinking of purchasing the full size from BeautyBar. 

The Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser is so hard core, I can only use it when my skin is not feeling sensitive or weak. It's made of sugar and essential oils, all natural, no synthetics... 

Re: Non-Gentle Face Scrub Recommendation!

When I want something that feels super scrubby I like the Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Face Polish. It smells like peach yogurt too, just a bonus!

Re: Non-Gentle Face Scrub Recommendation!

Is there a reason why you're aiming to procure a non-gentle scrub or one deemed rough?


Even though your skin may be tolerant and quite resilient doesn't mean a product isn't working.


Many scrubs today (like the Exfolikate) combine chemical with physical exfoliants to deliver not just topical, surface exfoliation, but exfoliation on a cellular level as well. On top of that, scrubs that contain coarser particles that are not smooth in texture run the heavy risk of causing microtears and incisions on the skin's surface which can lead to the weakening of surface layers, areas for bacteria to harbor, and even causing irritation or inflammation.


Any scrub with physical particles are not meant to be ground into the skin in a rough or heavy-pressured manner, the particles are there to take the place of those factors, doing the work for you so you're not having to "push" and "force" your product to break down build up, dead cells.


Though you may not see any backlash on your skin currently, and I'm not saying ill effects will strike tomorrow or even the next day, merely going at it full steam while your skin is still in relatively good condition doesn't necessarily mean you're helping to preserve it's quality for the future. Wear and tear takes time to show and surface and it would be unfortunate to later have to go back and try to reverse any damage that is currently being done.


If you're a fan of physical sensation in terms of scrubs (some folks just like the feeling of something scrubbing against their skin, the scrubbing is manifested in their minds as actually buffing and removing surface build up, giving them the feeling of "clean", smooth skin afterward even though their skin may still "look" the same), try Philosophy's two part Microdelivery Peel, vitamin C based micro crystals are combined with a topical salicylic and lactic acid gel to exfoliate on a physical and chemical level. The resurfacing crystals mimic the texture and sensation of a microdermabrasion treatment at dermatologist offices and the warming gel when layered over the crystals provide a deeper penetrating exfoliation process. Lactic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid derived from milk enzymes and proteins) aims to boost healthier cellular regeneration but also targets evening and promoting a more even skin tone, along with vitamin c, which combats free radicals and boosts luminosity, is topped with salicylic acid (a beta hydroxy acid that works to even skin texture along with dissolving sebum trapped in pores and regulating oil production).


Philosophy - Resurface - The Microdelivery Dual-Phase Peel


Just because an item is deemed "gentle" doesn't mean it's ineffective or doesn't work, it just means it doesn't have to scratch, tear, pull, or irritate to do its job properly.


If you're looking to try a couple of options, Sephora launched a cleansing/exfoliating kit:

Sephora Favorites - Skin Cleanse Vol. 2


The set comes with the Peter Thomas Roth Peel Gel, Kate Somerville's Exfolikate, and Glam Glow's Super Clearing Mud in terms of exfoliators.


Glam Glow also has their YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment:


Part mask, part exfoliator, this product helps to draw out excess oil, trapped impurities, and introduces antioxidants to skin in a formula that dries down like traditional clay-based masks, but when in the rinsing process, wetting it reactivates the texture to where you can get the physical exfoliation factor when you're massaging skin during the removal process.

Re: Non-Gentle Face Scrub Recommendation!

Totally agree with this post...another scrub that isn't inexpensive but would still give you that more noticeable "scrub" feeling is Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant. The crystals are perfectly rounded (so still "gentle"), but you feel the grainy texture which is perhaps what you're after (and the benefits are noticeable).

Re: Non-Gentle Face Scrub Recommendation!

Another vote for Philosophy duo, GlamGlow is probably better if you have oily/combo skin. Lol, is it bad that I'm always half waiting for lylysa to answer first on these kind of posts cuz I'm too lazy to type? then I can just agree with whatever recommendation that I was going to recommend.

Re: Non-Gentle Face Scrub Recommendation!

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You might also like ORIGINS Modern Friction, that's another not-too-gentle scrub. For the ultimate in scrubbing experience, though, I find ST. IVES Apricot Scrub could take the finish right off your car it's so rough, but I love to use it on my feet!

Re: Non-Gentle Face Scrub Recommendation!

My first thought was Exfolikate.  Smiley Happy


If we're just sticking with Sephora, I'd say give Peter Thomas Roth's peeling gel a try.  It's a chemical exfoliator, and while it's gentle enough for sensitive skin (my mom), it's strong enough for those of us who aren't (me).  Can't remember the exact price since you're talking CDN but I think I'm toeing your limit.


Otherwise, have you tried sugar scrubs?  Not Sephora and not even high-end but fits in your category of non-gentle.  And since they're homemade, you can try them out whenever.

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