No experience with makeup

I am make-up illiterate.  Are there any classes I can take, besides cosmetology school or youtube vidoes?

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Sephora invests heavily in their people's development as artists and as product consultants.  One of our biggest commitments to clients is education on makeup.  You can stop by any Sephora or call them and ask to set up an appointment for a Customized Makeup Application.  There is a $50 minimum purchase and with that you get 1x1 dedicated time with a Sephora certified makeup artist with countless hours of training who can guide and personalize your learning objectives with makeup.  A great tip is to schedule time in the morning hours if at all possible since it is more likely to get more time with our experts.


Additionally, we encourage you to communicate with any of our Experts on topics via personal e-mail if you would like to learn step by step.  All of us love to talk about makeup AND we ALL started from the beginning at one point :-)


Hope to hear from you soon.  Thanks JR

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