New products to try?

Hi guys! 

I would love some suggestions for foundations (medium beige), lippies, lipgloss, lip treatments, eye palettes, mascara, concealer, skin care, makeup brushes, and perfumes.


I know this is a lot, but I would love some suggestions since I'm new to actually doing my makeup for a purpose instead of just playing with it. I'm 14 so I don't need that much of a high coverage foundation, but something that will let my skin breathe, give a certain glow, and not give a cakey look. Looking for more higher end products, but please tell me some drugstore alternatives.


xoxo, Kelly


Re: New products to try?

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One item I've been in love with is my solid sponge cleanser by beauty blender. Omg! It works extremely good for my blenders and all makeup brushes! IMO, it smells like Dove soap. But hands down one of the best cleansers out there! So easy and quick to use. It really takes out everything from my blenders and brushes. Yes, the pink rinses out but I think that's suppose to happen. However, the color (pink) doesn't fade. Definite buy...then re-buy.


MAC- highlighter in Lightboost

Benefit blush in Rockateur

Buxum eyeliners are the bomb but MJ eyeliners are way better...but buxom are still really good. Definite try.




Re: New products to try?


Revlon - I think they make the best drugstore lip products out there, and with them, I haven't seen the point in investing in any high-end lip products yet. Their lip butters, lip stains, and glosses are gorgeous, and I have yet to try a product that doesn't produce a good color. I haven't bought any lipsticks from them yet, but plan to soon!



-Urban Decay Naked Palettes (1 or 2, or Basics if you don't have the money for the full palettes)

-Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows are great too - I personally need to use a few layers to get the vibrant color you see advertised, but they're inexpensive and last.

-ELF Eyelid Primer is almost a must-have. Your eyeshadow looks better and lasts longer, and the primer is only $1 at Target. ELF's primer is easily just as good as Urban Decay's $20 primer potion.

-Lorac Pro Mascara is great for lengthening, but not for holding a curl. So I recommend that one depending on what you need your mascara to do. :smileyhappy:

-BadGal Waterproof Mascara is a good waterproof one - it lengthened and volumized a bit, but I found that it was near impossible to take off without a good makeup remover (so makeup remover wipes aren't going to cut it).

-Benefit's They're Real Mascara is supposed to be a great one, and my little sister adores it, but I didn't care for it personally.

-Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil Eyeliners are a gift from the heavens if you like pencil liners. I prefer pencils over liquids, and I really don't like gels at all, so these are my HG eyeliners, and they come in every color you can think of!



-NARS Blush in Orgasm is a cult favorite. I like it, it gives a good color on my skin, but it can be a little difficult to apply if you don't have a good blush brush.

-Urban Decay Naked Foundation is awesome, if you don't have much redness. It's lightweight, and offers medium coverage. One pump covers my entire face, so the bottle lasts a while (a good thing at that price!). However, I have quite a bit of redness under my eyes and on my chin, and it doesn't cover all of it. I'm trying some color-correcting primers before I try a different foundation, and it doesn't cover the few freckles I have very well.

-Smashbox High Definition Concealer is pretty awesome - it covers the hyper-pig