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Never shopped at Sephora
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Hello All,

Le gasp. Yes I'm a Sephora virgin. And I'm in need of help.
My boyfriend's mom asked me to tell her what stocking stuffers I want from Sephora.
I'm a 21 year old college girl who has no idea what type of make-up she wants or needs. I know, I'm as rare as a Unicorn. Help me?
I have clear and pale skin, naturally blonde hair, blue eyes, and I don't know, a normal body? I'm so lost. What do I tell her I want? I'm happy with my little roll on perfumes I have, I use regular old moisturizer before bed, and I leave my hair wavy or blow-dry it everyday. I wear the typically mascara, eye shadow, liner, blemish coverage, cheekbone enhancing (I have scary sharp cheekbones) stuff normal girls wear I guess?
My mother (bless her) is a hippie who doesn't use hair products and very little make-up. My roommates (bless them) wear...a lot of make-up.
So I'm without help. Any friendly ideas?



Holy moly you ladies are awesome!
Thank you so much for the amazing responses.
Kalex: I was looking at Nest body wash. Is that any good? It kind of sounds cool, but in reality I'm not sure how appealing moss and mint will smell. haha
Shapeshifter: That's perfect!! I'm putting the Smashbox on the list! I'm so worried I'll buy the wrong color, but hey problem solved.
Veronika23: I was looking at box sets and I was worried. What if I get the wrong color for my complexion? I will probably go with the Sephora Try It! kit. That looks safe enough for a good test run. Now I'm kind of excited.
Ahhh! I'm so happy I gave this forum a shot! You ladies are so helpful Smiley Happy

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You've come to the right place!  So many wonderful sets this season. Here's a few... Trying not to post anything too expensive.


Tarte Thoughtful Treasures Best-Sellers Set


Bite Beauty best of bite set


Fresh Sugar Bare




Smashbox try it kit



Sephora Favorite Lash Stash



Sephora Favorites Draw the line



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How about scented bath and body products?  Philosophy always has great stuff (especially this time of year).  






Try the original Urban Decay Naked palette. Beautiful, high quality shadows in easy to use neutrals. Plus it comes with a real brush and a lid primer.



Lol, it's ok, we like unicorns here (okay, that came out a little weird). My top choice would be a sephora favorite set, you can choose a set with variety of eye, lip, face or combination of makeup:[]=900136&brandId=5823


The perfume sets are worth it since you can redeem the voucher inside for a full size of the scent you liked the most from the set. Since you want a little bit of eyes, lips and face makeup, here are some of my favorites:







The Stila Rockin' in Rio Travel Palette is only $10 and the shades would be nice on your coloring.  It sounds like a smaller palette and that would be perfect for a stocking!




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Caudalie - Hand Cream Trio


Soap & Glory Good, Butter, Best



Bumble and Bumble The Surf Set



I think the Tarte Thoughtful Treasures $19 set would be a good stuffing stuffer. 


tarte set.jpg


Oh wow. There is so much great stuff. I recently bought the Tarte Lip Surgence set and it is really great. You can keep the colors sheerer or make them stronger with layering. Great set.



Philosophy has some really great 3in1 bath body products. I love the papaya: 



And this jolly jelly set sounds great:


philosophy.jpgYou can't go wrong with fragrance. There are a ton of rollerballs that would be perfect for stocking stuffers.


Go into a store if you can and sample things. Most of all have fun and try some new things you might not have considered. Smiley Happy


how about baby tweezerman's, if you do not have them - they are multi purpose! or full size tweezermans? HG of tools!

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Glad you are enjoying all the suggestions Smiley Wink  Cosmetics are so much fun!

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