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Never shopped at Sephora
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Hello All,

Le gasp. Yes I'm a Sephora virgin. And I'm in need of help.
My boyfriend's mom asked me to tell her what stocking stuffers I want from Sephora.
I'm a 21 year old college girl who has no idea what type of make-up she wants or needs. I know, I'm as rare as a Unicorn. Help me?
I have clear and pale skin, naturally blonde hair, blue eyes, and I don't know, a normal body? I'm so lost. What do I tell her I want? I'm happy with my little roll on perfumes I have, I use regular old moisturizer before bed, and I leave my hair wavy or blow-dry it everyday. I wear the typically mascara, eye shadow, liner, blemish coverage, cheekbone enhancing (I have scary sharp cheekbones) stuff normal girls wear I guess?
My mother (bless her) is a hippie who doesn't use hair products and very little make-up. My roommates (bless them) wear...a lot of make-up.
So I'm without help. Any friendly ideas?



Holy moly you ladies are awesome!
Thank you so much for the amazing responses.
Kalex: I was looking at Nest body wash. Is that any good? It kind of sounds cool, but in reality I'm not sure how appealing moss and mint will smell. haha
Shapeshifter: That's perfect!! I'm putting the Smashbox on the list! I'm so worried I'll buy the wrong color, but hey problem solved.
Veronika23: I was looking at box sets and I was worried. What if I get the wrong color for my complexion? I will probably go with the Sephora Try It! kit. That looks safe enough for a good test run. Now I'm kind of excited.
Ahhh! I'm so happy I gave this forum a shot! You ladies are so helpful Smiley Happy

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