Need help with dry cracked and splitting nails!

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I am an RN and wash my hands and use hand sanitizers all day long. Thus, my nails are AWFUL and split and cracking. How can I protect them and make them grow at the same time?


Re: Need help with dry cracked and splitting nails!

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Ugh, splitting nails are so frustrating - it feels impossible to stay ahead of the splitting. I agree with the advice below, especially from ilovetopurplefy. My mother ordered a huge box of disposable cotton gloves from Amazon, and she wears them at night when she puts on heavy hand cream. One product I used years ago when I had a problem with my nails splitting was Nailtiques. I've seen it in drugstores recently. I also think you should keep something on your nails at all times to protect them - don't let them go bare. And finally, keeping them shorter and filed in more of a square shape will help your nails protect themselves. Good luck!


Re: Need help with dry cracked and splitting nails!

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A few months ago I was also having a problem with splitting nails. As well as becoming obsessive with hand cream I started taking Flora Vegetal Silica and it worked like a charm!  This plus everything ilovetopurplefy mentioned will hopefully improve the situation.  Also whenever you can, like when you are watching a movie or roaming the extremely important time-sucking Internet Leviathan, lather on a bunch of hand cream and then put on some disposable gloves.


Re: Need help with dry cracked and splitting nails!

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Hi Wimbles,


I have kids & am forever washing my hands.  I'd suggest something like the FORMULA X FOR SEPHORA HYDRATE – Nail Hydrator>  http://www.sephora.com/hydrate-nail-hydrator-P382985?skuId=1549906.  Especially when in "repair mode", I'd keep them fairly short & file any edges that may get caught.  You can also pair it with the FORMULA X FOR SEPHORA STRENGTHEN – Nail Strengthener>  http://www.sephora.com/strengthen-nail-strengthener-P382984?skuId=1549914


xo, Mia


Re: Need help with dry cracked and splitting nails!

And, a suggestion for a wonderful hand cream is JOSIE MARAN Whipped Argan Oil Intensive Hand Cream or L'Occitane Hand Creams.






Re: Need help with dry cracked and splitting nails!

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If you want to protect them and help grow them at the same time, I suggest using a nail strengthener. My favorite is the OPI Matte Nail Envy. It leaves a nice satin matte finish that looks like you aren't wearing polish and it helps strengthen and grow them over time. It's also a good basecoat for polish and helps it last longer as well. My nails were horrible from biting them and it helped turn my nails into disgusting chewed nubs into long beautiful healthy talons.


You also want to get a glass file to help shape them as they grow and cuticle cream/cuticle oil to moisturize them. Sephora has a glass file that is amazing.  The parts of your hands that need the most moisture are your nails and cuticles. Without moisture, they dry out and that's when they crack, split and they don't look like they grow. The cuticle is the root of a nail  and where it grows from. Keeping it moisturized will help strengthen the nail bed and nail plate.  To take care of your cuticles, get a cuticle remover and a cuticle pusher. They remove the dead skin around your nails. It's also good to have a cuticle nipper on hand for hangnails. Do not clip your cuticles in place of using a cuticle remover. It can damage the nail and let bacteria in and cause an infection.


A hand cream is also necessary so that your hands are moisturized as well. If you don't have a travel cuticle cream or oil in your purse, hand cream doubles as a cuticle cream.  You want to use cuticle/hand creams and cuticle oil several times a day.


Try to wear gloves as much as possible. Frequent hand washings and use of sanitizers dry the hands out and you want to keep as much of the moisture in them as you can.


Last but not least, take your vitamins and eat healthy. Doing those things will contribute to the overall health of your nails and strengthen them.


Re: Need help with dry cracked and splitting nails!

^^I agree with everything ilovetopurplefy says (I also love her name... so fun!). Sephora makes a good cuticle oil pen that you can throw in your purse and whenever you're on a break, you can can brush some oil on your cuticles, massage it in and you're ready to go. It's really hard, especially when it's so cold and dry to keep your cuticles in good shape, but it really is important for your overall nail health.

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