Need a new skin care regimen

I'm 26 years old and I have consistently had an issue with mild acne. I've used several prescription drugs but I'm looking for a cleansing regimen that will work. I have oily skin and tend to get acne on my cheeks, jawline and chin. I used to have such great skin but it just will not cooperate anymore. Do you have any suggestions that won't break the bank?



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I can totally relate- I have breakouts all along my chin and jawline and was very frustrated.  One product that I swear by is the Murad Acne and Wrinkle Reducer Serum.  It targets hormonal breakouts (which occur along the chin and jawline) and seriously clears them up in a couple of days.  It is the one product I have found to be effective everytime.


Another post they had recommended the Murad Time Released Cleanser and moisturizer- these are the other 2 products in the same line.  Definitely try them- you will be so happy.


The serum is $58 but is huge and you only need to use it in areas you tend to break out in.  I have had mine for 6 months or so and it still has lots to go.





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I know Sephora doesnt carry this but i think Dermalogica is worth a try.  They have several different kits and I am sure they have one for acne prone skin.  Try it out! 

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Murad Anti Aging Acne Rocks! Its perfect for mild acne with out completely drying you out. The Time realease cleanser has a minty feeling to it and the anti aging mosturizer with spf 20 does not leave you feeling greasy.

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Hi molly2310. Murad and Bliss both have great products to help with breakouts without breaking the bank.  I recommend checking out their combination kits that have at least a cleanser and moisturizer so you could see if your skin reacts to those products.


Murad Acne Response Set


Bliss No 'Zit' Sherlock Complete Acne System 


For a great spot treatment for hormonal acne, check out this thread.





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