Mixing foundation with moisturizer or sunscreen?
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I recently bought the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation the other day by accident while looking for the Tarte Tinted Moisturizer. After calling back the Sephora I bought it from as well as nearby Sephoras apparently they don't carry my shade, Agent 06, (as well as other shades) at the moment...


I really like the Tarte Foundation (It looks beautiful with a primer underneath and finishing powder on top) I purchased but I am not much of a foundation gal. For the everday I just want a little coverage to hide some blemishes and acne scars, along with toning down my easily flushed face. 


So I was wondering would it be okay to mix the Tarte foundation with my Neutrogena oil-free (chemical) spf 35 moisturizer, or would mixing the foundation with an Neutrogena oil-free (mineral) sunscreen that dries matte be a better option? I know chemical sunscreens and moisturizers soak into the skin, while mineral sunscreens sit ontop the skin. I was originially just going to mix the Tarte foundation with my moisturizer but I'm starting to think mixing the foundation with a mineral sunscreen would be better as it could have have more staying power. And yes, I always apply moisturizer (along with eye cream) after washing my face : 3 I know I would most likely have to test it out first hand but I would greatly appreciate some opinion before I go and potentially waste some expensive products.


**I should also mention I live in a humid area that is mostly sunny. It is always 60%+ humidity and the coldest it gets is a low 70 F. My face is this weird chaotic mixture of being sensitive, acne prone and being combination. Some days I am either dry-combination, or a more oily combination.**



Thanks <3 xoxoxo

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I've never had issues with mixing chemical with mineral based sunscreens with foundations before, but of course everyone may have different sensitivities or allergies. Try a test patch and see how it sits on your skin (by your lower jaw or neck line).


Either way I love using fluid sunscreens if I'm going to be mixing in with lotions that don't have SPF or to foundations as that keeps the formulas from being too heavy. I know Neutrogena has a fluid formula that is just SPF (not a moisturizer), but so does StriVectin, La Roche Posay, and Shiseido. I favor La Roche just because it seems so well suited for so many skin types and they feel incredible!

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