Mixing foundation with moisturizer or sunscreen?
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I recently bought the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation the other day by accident while looking for the Tarte Tinted Moisturizer. After calling back the Sephora I bought it from as well as nearby Sephoras apparently they don't carry my shade, Agent 06, (as well as other shades) at the moment...


I really like the Tarte Foundation (It looks beautiful with a primer underneath and finishing powder on top) I purchased but I am not much of a foundation gal. For the everday I just want a little coverage to hide some blemishes and acne scars, along with toning down my easily flushed face. 


So I was wondering would it be okay to mix the Tarte foundation with my Neutrogena oil-free (chemical) spf 35 moisturizer, or would mixing the foundation with an Neutrogena oil-free (mineral) sunscreen that dries matte be a better option? I know chemical sunscreens and moisturizers soak into the skin, while mineral sunscreens sit ontop the skin. I was originially just going to mix the Tarte foundation with my moisturizer but I'm starting to think mixing the foundation with a mineral sunscreen would be better as it could have have more staying power. And yes, I always apply moisturizer (along with eye cream) after washing my face : 3 I know I would most likely have to test it out first hand but I would greatly appreciate some opinion before I go and potentially waste some expensive products.


**I should also mention I live in a humid area that is mostly sunny. It is always 60%+ humidity and the coldest it gets is a low 70 F. My face is this weird chaotic mixture of being sensitive, acne prone and being combination. Some days I am either dry-combination, or a more oily combination.**



Thanks <3 xoxoxo

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Forgot where I read it, but I c&p it in my beauty notes: "It's safe to mix retinoid creams and moisturizers in your hand and apply them in one swoop, but don't blend sunscreen with another product, because it dilutes the SPF. Layer them instead."


I've only mixed foundation with foundation before and use foundation as concealers, so I'm not sure how that translate in term of your skin. o.O

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