Mineral Oil and Canola Oil

I'm so confused.  I've read various different things about whether mineral oil and/or canola oil are bad for you in skin care products (like the very expensive eye cream I just bought - I found out it has mineral oil in it and now I'm afraid to use it).  Also, canola oil came up on a list of ingredients and that sounded like something you would just use for cooking, not an ingredient in a skin cream!  Is there a final answer out there on whether or not mineral oil and canola oil are OK or taboo in facial skin creams?

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Wow thanks for the education.... it sounds like there is no hard and fast rule but if I want to be safe I should avoid it.  I've used it in eye makeup remover for a long time and had no ill effects but I wipe it off as soon as I'm done getting the mascara off so it doesn't stay on my skin for long.  I think I will be purchasing different eye makeup remover for the future though so I don't end up damaging my skin.

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Hi krtty1125,


I don't think that there is an official rule as to whether or not canola oil and mineral oil should be avoided in skincare products. I have found that most products that contain mineral oil irritate my skin and cause it to break out, and that is why I stay away from products with mineral oil. I think it is all personal preference though. I know some moisturizers that have mineral oil work great on some people, so it all depends your specific skin type.



<3, Randee

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I stay away from mineral oil because it's made from petroleum. Here's what Wikipedia has to say about mineral oil:


The World Health Organization classifies untreated or mildly treated mineral oils as Group 1 carcinogens to humans; highly refined oils are classified as Group 3, meaning they are not suspected to be carcinogenic but available information is not sufficient to classify them as harmless.

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) carried out a risk assessment on the findings of a survey made in 2011 on risks due to migration of components from printing inks used on carton-board packaging, including mineral oils, into food. The FSA did not identify any specific food safety concerns due to inks.

There has been a great deal of work on the effect of mineral oil in impeding the absorption of fat soluble vitamins A (and precursors), D, E, K and essential fatty acids. There is no doubt that interference with absorption can occur, particularly of carotene if amounts in food exceed approximately 6000 ppm (Steigmann et al., 1952). Whether the amounts likely to appear in the food of children are of clinical importance is much less certain (assuming that it is not used as an ingredient as in (2) above[clarification needed]). But the diets of many of these may contain amounts of these vitamins that are in any case marginal or inadequate and there seems no reason for the inclusion of mineral oil in foods which are specifically intended for infants with the possible exception of rusks (concerning which enquiries are being made which will be later reported as they may be subject to the same contaminating processes as bread)."

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I would not use Mineral Oil, personally. I tend to get clogged pores and such, so naturally I stay away from thicker oils.

Now, anyway in Esthetics and Massage School, they preach to us and tell us how bad it is for the skin.  Everyone's skin is different so some can handle thick oils and others can't. 


From the research I have done and clients I have seen using mineral oil, every single one had clogged pores and only one out of the around dozen had great skin with clogged pores. The others had blemishes, blackheads, and milias. 


Another thing about Mineral oil, is that it does not let the skin breathe. It actually soaks up nutrients and moisture from the skin causing your cell renewal to slow down and break down collagen, leading to pre-mature aging. 



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Some people aregue that mineral oil is perfectly safe for the skin, 

I have no idea if its true, but even if its "safe," its not good for the skin and there are better oils out there that are actually beneficial to the skin. 

so I avoid it .. especially in high end items because I feel like I'm not getting the quality I'm paying for. 

honestly, if a cleansing oil costs $70, they can afford to use better oils (yea shu uemura).. its just a cheap way for companies to save money in my opinion 

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I don't know about Canola Oil, But i've read conflicting things about Mineral Oil. I personally don't avoid it, I've done my homework and it's not something that's bad for your skin. Many reputable sites say it's not bad for your skin and say why. Of course i suggest you do your own research and come to your own conclusion since it's a "controversial" type of ingredient. Just type it into Google and you will get plenty of results. 


*Edit* Added some stuff straight from Paula's Choice


What is mineral oil?

Clear, odorless oil derived from petroleum that is widely used in cosmetics because it rarely causes allergic reactions and it cannot become a solid and clog pores. Despite mineral oil’s association with petroleum and the hype that it is bad for or ages skin, keep in mind that petroleum is a natural ingredient derived from the earth and that once it becomes mineral oil USP (cosmetics- and pharmaceutical-grade mineral oil), it has no resemblance to the original petroleum.


Mineral oil is not an ingredient to avoid unless you have oily skin, in which case the somewhat greasy texture of mineral oil won't feel the best (but again, mineral oil doesn't clog pores or suffocate skin).


The confusion around mineral oil is also caused by some cosmetics companies and people who use the information about non-purified mineral oil as a scare tactic. The mineral oil used in skin-care products is certified as either USP (United States Pharmacopeia) or BP (British Pharmacopeia). This is the type that’s used in skin-care products, and it’s completely safe, soothing, non-irritating, and perfectly healthy for skin



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Agreed re: the mineral oil.  I had avoided it for so long after hearing so many bad things about it, but I finally decided to take a risk and got a sample the Eve Lom cleansing balm which is mineral oil-based just to find out how my skin would react to it.  Surprisingly, my skin actually liked the cleanser quite a bit!  I wonder if it's because the mineral oil wasn't actually staying on my skin that I didn't react to it?

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The molecules in Mineral Oil are Larger than the openings of your Pores, so the can't be Comedogenic (Clog Pores)

You can be sensitive to it, like any ingredient but it's not bad for your skin, It's not particularly awesome like other oils, but not horrible enough to have such a bad Reputation. I personally wouldn't pay that much for a Mineral Oil based cleanser. Coconut Oil and Jojoba oil are good enough!

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