Mascara that holds a curl

What is the best maracara + application technique for holding a curl?  


I have thick long stick-straight lashes that I first fully curl with a lash curler and then apply mascara to.  I've been using the DiorShow Waterproof, but if I add more than just a single quick, thin swipe of mascara the curl instantly drops and is gone within minutes.  I've also tried Clinique and Tarte mascaras, neither successfully held a curl.  I've also tried a heated curler after the mascara but the curl only lasts for seconds.  Am I destined to a life of straight lashes??

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Hi andreatrv,


I would highly recommend giving Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Mascara a try. The formula is specifically designed for straight lashes, giving them the perfect amount of curl that will last all day. The mascara's wand is designed to catch and pull lashes upward forcing them to bend upward, in a natural manner Smiley Happy


Scandal Queen Mascara

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