Makeup for fall?

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Hi Ladies,

I've just started getting into makeup and I'm wondering what products do you use for Fall? I'm 14 and I really like the vampy fall look , but I just want to know what's your routine during this season & what you call your look too. 




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Plum/Mauve Lip colors for the fall are great! Smiley Happy

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In fall, I normally go with a more "earthy" look. I use more neutral eyeshadows, similar to the ones below than. I like to go more natural or mauve with my lip products. Since I don't go outside as much, I need bronzer to make my skin look healthy, but I skip the shimmer because it's not summer.






My favorite mauve was limited edition, but this is similar:





Re: Makeup for fall?

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I would do simple things, you obviously go to school so go natural but make it a bit dark. Not too dark, try this... Put on foundation, powder, but if you don't have that it is fine but watch out it might smudge so don't touch your face!, apply a light eyeshadow, take a blending brush and take a brown eyeshadow and blend into your crease, add a little blush and your done. If your feeling confident wear a little eyeliner!*don't forget maskera
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