Makeup Forever HD Foundation color help!

I'm wear Makeup Forever HD Foundation in 128. Since I'm tanning I need to go up a few shades. The one for dark skin with beige undertones is 178, but I'm scared that could be too dark?? Not sure though! I would really appreciate some advice on what I should get!! Thanks!

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#178 would most likely be too dark for you, even if you tan really well.  This shade is made for deeper skin tones and is one of the darkest shades offered.


I would suggest trying #155, and using a bronzer if you still want it to be darker.  This one is still for beige undertones so it won't be too yellow for you and is darker than #128.

155 Medium Beige

If you tan really golden, you can try #153, but this tends to be pretty olive, so I would only suggest this if you get really golden when you tan.


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Hi glamglitz,


Usually when one tans they tend to get a shade or two darker than their original skintone. I would recommend just going up a few shades, based on your undertones I'd recommend either 140 or 153. Both are designed for those with medium skintones with beige/golden undertones. If you are by a Sephora I would recommend stopping by and asking for a cast member to give you a sample of each for you to test out Smiley Happy


140 Soft Beige(140)

153 Golden Honey (153)

Whimsically yours,
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